The Influence of History on Changing Culture

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There are lots of different cultures around the world. In some cultures, Woman, Men, Children and Older people are treated differently, from past to present. People in society believe that there is world peace but sometimes that isn’t the case. Kids are mistreated, they could possible treat them as there nothing or abandon them, in some cultures people would treat our elders with respect, but others may not even think of them as a fragile soul but a nuisance to their well-being.

Throughout history, Society all has different cultures, there are a lot of Different cultures in different countries such as America, Japan, India, African, and a lot more. these cultures could celebrate in different ways, for example having a party, or Cooking, going out with the family. Some culture doesn’t celebrate like the other ones do, which is okay because again, every culture is different from the past to today society. These are some things that have been done in the past that people still look at if it was done today.

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(Shah, 2017)

Throughout history, Treatment in different cultures have changed a lot. Some in which children are used for work to help them live in a proper society, they would start when they could walk. This would affect their physical and educational purposes, such as learning to walk or learning how to speak and write because they are working all day. A lot of kids could not eat the food that they have today, which would allow to have a very high chance of dying from lack of water and food, they could have also possibly died from being out in the sun all day.

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But this could possibly just be cultures from the past, or maybe it is still going on todays. Well some cultures still indeed do this, others do not do this and look at is a child slavery. Rules have now been set that children can’t do this unless they have the proper food and water. But Now Children are being fed, and they are having the proper supplies to help. Now Don’t think parents are forcing these kids to do this kind of work or focusing the children to not eat or drink. Children do this work to support their families and/or Countries that are poor and cannot benefit to their selves without help from there family. And a lot of parents cannot afford to feed their kid. Also, it’s an extra set of hands to work and get stuff done. Now, Other cultures treat elderly people as if there an old bag of trash, that they could die at any point in time so why waste your time helping and caring to them. There are some common stereotypes about them. “Old biddies” and “One foot in the grave”, As well as a lot of other ones. Old age is often viewed with distaste, Society tends to view it with immobility and the inability to work in a community. But now Communities own retirement homes to support the elderly, because they can’t move or work. Now elders have a high possibly of dying at any second. Again, this is just one cultures way of treating older people, there are other cultures that treat elders as if they are a fragile being, that needs to sit and rest others treat them like not old, others don’t respect them with an ounce of blood in their body. Some people in different cultures believe that they are superior over the others because of how much money they have. As you see here, each culture treats others differently no matter if they are poor rich, young or old. (Claire, 2016)

In different cultures, celebration is all different, and a lot has changed since the past and to now, the present. Some cultures celebrate in parties, others in dancing beside a bonfire, some may cook meals, pray and enjoy the food with their families. In some cultures, People will find kids hitting piñatas or eating cake, opening gift. They may also Have a big dinner for their grandpas 82nd birthday. Every culture does different things for celebrating, each family does something different than the rest of us may see. For example, during winter, Jews celebrate a holiday called Hanukkah where they set up a candle (called a menorah) 8 days before Christmas and once it gets to the 25th day of December, and they eat a Potato pancake called latkes, they also dance and sing, celebrating all day long. This is a traditional thing from the past that lots and lots of people still do. Holidays like this never die down. Now in a different culture, on the 25th of December for Americans they celebrate Christmas, A day where someone named Santa comes and gives kids presents under a tree decorated in lights and stuff. Houses are also decorated. On the day of the 25th kids wake up opened their presents and their stockings (things that look like a giant sock) if they get goodies, if they were good this year, but if they got coal, they are considered to have been bad all year long. This is different for everything, the Chinese for Christmas in June! Which other cultures fine it very weird, a Christmas in the summer!

(Smith, 2018)

Another way culture is different is that one culture could be monotheistic, the belief that there is only one god, Or the other culture could be Polytheism, the belief in one or more gods. There is also when a culture does not believe in a god at all or doesn’t worships someone at all, these people are called Ietsism. Which could also be called an atheist. They also do different things involving their religion, for example, Female Muslims wear a silk hat over their hair. As for Christians they do not have a specific dress code. Some cultures beliefs for been the same sine the culture first began. But other cultures have changed it up a bit. There are some cultures that don’t accept certain people in their culture, in some cases, they may not accept you because you are a different culture, or you refuse to do something that is mandatory to be in the culture. Other cultures may not accept you because you look different of you dyed your hair. (Mor, 2017)

In conclusion, you see the many ways culture is different from the past to the present. Some of the ways include treatment of the children, elders, rich, poor etc, the different celebrations that each of them goes through and some different religions that they have in their country.

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