The inequality between rich and poor nations

A generation ago , there was no noticable difference between industrialized and developing countries since both nations integrated and helped each other .Hovewer,nowadays, why are so many poor people in the world? This is a very good question and I think the problem has many different root causes which I would look into this essay and give possible sollutions. The most remarkable reason of this inequality can be determined by internal issues in developing nations. First of all, the high rate of unemployment poses the improvement of the country .

It is fact that majority of individuals are suffering from femine as well as starvation since they can not obtain any job and find their place in the society.It is my view that the responsibelity lies to the goverenment .It should focus on improvement of economy and industry by establishing more factories, bussines companies, reducing taxes on producing and in some cases ,taking financial support from rich countries.

Anyother reason of this gap maybe the illetetacy associated with a low standarts of education in poor nations.

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No one can deny the fact that in order to make a certain career in improved life path ,it is important to be equipped with fairly enough qualification. It is my personal perspective to note that goverenments responsibelity lies on providing their nation with affordable ,effective and accessable education system .Moreover,Individuals responsibility plays a major role. If younger generation is highly motivated by elders or members of community to tackle the problem of illiteracy since their enthusiusm should be attracted by edcation.

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By way of conclusion ,It shoud be emphasized that there are still under developed nations in some parts of the world .Perhaps ,to eliminate the gap among the nations they should pay attention to the life of their population and establish more factories while individuals should make contribution to the development by cooperating with goverenment.

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The inequality between rich and poor nations

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