The Important of Having Cell Phone Essay

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The Important of Having Cell Phone

Yes cell phones are necessary in teenagers’ lives. They are necessary because they are many advantages for having a cell phone. Without cell phones, teenagers wouldn’t be able to communicate easily with their family, classmate, and peers in any emergency situation.

Cell phones are necessary in teenagers’ lives because it is an easy way of contacting your family. If you have to stay at school longer for a specific reason, or your family is looking for you and you are out. Cell phones make it easy to communicate. Without cell phones, your family would be worried, they wouldn’t know exactly where you are and how much longer you would be. By cell phones they could contact you night away, without having to worry about anything,

It is also important to contact your classmate. For example when you want to make a study group appointment or to ask friend about lesson. In addition, you could also search the source of subject you study by internet facility provided by phone. Phone also brings benefit when you want to ask your peers to go out, to get fresh air and to exercise instead of staying at home. Cell phones make it easier to contact one another to make plans. Another reason why cell phones are necessary in teenagers’ lives is for emergency reason. If you are alone and be somewhere, suddenly have been attacked or get loss, it would be threatening if you don’t have a cell phone because you couldn’t call for help otherwise you could call your family or your friends right away asking for help when you have a cell phone.

So that is why it is essential for teenagers’ to have cell phones. There are many advantages they could take by having it. They just have to know how to use it properly and efficiently.

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