The Importance Of Writing Badly Essay

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The Importance Of Writing Badly

This short story is by Bruce Ballenger. Bruce is a teacher a college and talks about how some student have a hard time writing. He talks about how a lot of people criticize the students about writing. One example is how he hears the doctor, his colleagues, commentators on the radio, and strangers talk about how students abuse the sacred language, and how after 4 years of high school many students still can’t write. There is a big reason why students are like this.

The reason is because when they all started writing the were graded harshly or terrorized with notes on the margin of there paper. That makes many students scared of expressing there writing but Bruce found a way to let them write badly and help them from there to fix there errors and become better. So I personally believe that having a harsh- terrorizing teacher will never help a student to become a better writer. The way that the professor let his students write badly and help them from there was good.

I know that I like to write and write and then after go to the teacher and ask what I did wrong. It also helps with writing stories. The way it helps is because you can write a story and get it revised and check many times before you do the final copy. In my on opinion I think that not only do students abuse the “sacred language” but everyone abuses it whether they know it or not. I also think that many students are scared to fail. Many people expect on to be good in english and writing and everyone is scared of failure. So I believe that it’s okay to write badly to succeed.

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