The Importance of Writing and Reading in Academic Life Essay

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The Importance of Writing and Reading in Academic Life

Writing is a skill that is required in many contexts throughout life. As for reading, it is an interactive process that occurs between reader and text. Both of them can’t be thought separate from each other in academic life. Because reading can be used for writing projects in academic life, and also writing can be used as a way to understand reading.

Writing and reading in academic life is different. For instance, people in the daily life can read and write in an informal way, while they can use them in a formal way in academic life. Briefly, writing and reading in academic life is not personal. Therefore, there are rules and processes in both of them. They present the chance of writing in an academic way and reading the sources being academic to people.

The process and rules in writing are different from reading. In academic life, writing process begins with the perception of a question, an uncertainty, or problem. Then they gather data and write their ideas. In first draft, they can write informally, but not in the last draft. A few drafts provides for acquiring the best writing. Also those who write in academic life don’t speak in the first person in writing. Due to this, there are not ‘I’ statements in academic writing. Moreover, draft reformulated and revised. Creativity are used and then editing begins. Apart from this process, those that will write in academic life consider planning their document, developing their ideas, and revising important.

Furthermore, brainstorming, title, headings, and outline is essential to planning document. Brainstorming is the name given to a situation when a group of people meet to generate new ideas around a specific area of interest. As for outline, it is an explanation that includes the general points about something, but not the details. Thesis statement, carrying out the plan, illustrations (tables, graphs, etc.), and conclusion is important for developing ideas. As for construction, conjunction, and reduction, they are significant for revising text. In this way, the logical process will occurs and those that write academic will be able to inform their readers very well.

As for reading process in academic life, it consists of reading strategies such as previewing, reading with a purpose, skimming and scanning,. Preview provides for making a judgment about the value of a text for reader’s research purposes. While previewing, readers should considers copyright date, and place of publication being important that appropriate texts are used for university assignments, and table of contents which provides a description of what is in the book, and index that let readers know if the text contains content relevant to readers research, and glossary that provides knowledge how the authors define his/her terms, and appendices that provides extra background material.

Reading via a purpose is important in academic life, for readers can obtain their ideas or responses of their questions in the short time. While readers are reading a text with a purpose they scan or skim it. Skimming or scanning are to get a quick overview. They are done after or while previewing. Concentration is required while scanning. So readers can understand the authors’ ideas from headings, sentences, and summaries. Places that will be able to be scanned in academic reading:

• the title • the introduction • the conclusion • main headings • sub headings • chapter summaries • the first sentence in each paragraph • highlighted text • graphs, tables or diagrams

Also structures arguments are noticed during reading. Readers see themselves in conversation with authors, and can attain cultural codes-jargon and background while they are reading. Apart from these, reading in academic life can include complex syntax. Owing to this, rereading and reading slowly is so significant. So reader can understand academic texts in a good way.

The reading process is so significant, for it influences the writing process positively in academic life. Reading in effective way provides that people obtain knowledge by understanding and acquire an excellent grammar.

To have a perfect grammar and punctuation is the core of writing. Those who will present information to the academic life can’t write random. While they are writing, they must organize their thoughts. Outline is so required at this point. Strong writing in academic life begins with a good planning.

The language which is used is important to writing and reading. For example, people who want to learn foreign language have to read foreign books, publications, and so on. Anyway, they read too much fort he language acquisition in academic life. Thanks to that, they can learn grammar and practice it. Also they can see the use of language in the daily life in the target language.

Reading in the target language requires more different knowledge than reading in native language. Reading in foreign language depends on certain competence. These are linguistic competence, discourse competence, sociolinguistic competence, and strategic competence. Linguistics competence is the system of linguistic knowledge possessed by native speakers of a language. Discourse competence is generally a term referring to the ability to understand and express oneself in a given language. Sociolinguistic competence is the ability to interpret the social meaning of the choice of linguistic varieties and to use language with the appropriate social meaning for the communication situation. As for strategic competence, it requires conceptual understanding. People who ask for reading the target a language have to know what they are doing, in order to think about it in a variety of efficient ways.

As for people who will write in second language, they strategy development like pre-writing, drafting, revising/editing and language skill development like grammar and vocabulary. People throughout writing and reading in the target language should be encouraged to use word. This facilitates the process of writing, and also is especially helpful with the composing, revising, and editing stages because they do not require them to rewrite their work.

Thanks writing in academic life, people have Intellectual Capacity. Namely, writing facilitates intellectual growth. Our intellectual capacity makes us ready for more complicated assignments. Also, it provides research making skills. Moreover, it helps that we manage time. For example, we just cannot complete it anytime we want to else we may flunk in the course. In the process academic writing allows we to manage we time according to the priority. We learn to manage time as you have other important tasks to fulfill.

People with reading in academic life have background about plenty of cultures. Also they have an excellent grammar. They obtain knowledge about lots of fields. People change their aspects towards the life which they live.

The world is information age. Due to this, people produce lots of knowledge and want to present them to others. Everything which is produced as knowledge is in our hand as book, and so on. This is luck. As for writing them, it is gorgeous. Due to this, people must read too much and write. Due to this, reading and writing teaching in academic life is so required and value for people.

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