The Importance of Waste Management and the Impacts of Waste on Our Health and Environment

Waste refers to anything that no longer has a purpose or use and therefore needs to be disposed of or discarded. According to The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), waste can originate from community work or by-products from industries. These by products result from activities such as mining, agriculture and water treatment plants. Examples of Waste There is a wide scope of the types of waste emanating from industries, healthcare centers, and office stores among many other sources. Some of the rubbish in hospitals includes waste materials contaminated with blood, human tissues, or body parts, used syringes, scalpels, blades and needles.

Chemical waste may come from expired disinfectants while radioactive garbage arises from radiotherapeutic materials. Environmental and Health Impacts At personal level, waste can cause traumatizing cost of treatment of diseases from waste products. At national level, waste management and disposal use a portion of Gross Domestic Product in a positive correlation with waste increment (Vaccari et al., 2018).

Improper waste treatment and disposal may pose health hazards indirectly through discharge of pathogens and dangerous pollutants into the environment.

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Occupational risks are very high in places of waste disposal especially to the individuals working near the facilities of waste disposal. Incineration of waste is widely being used in the world today. However, if this is done inadequately or if people burn inappropriate materials, air pollutants are released into the air with ash as residual material. Dioxins and furans can be produced by burning materials that contain chlorine. These compounds are carcinogenic and possess a vast range of severe health problems.

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Heavy metals also result in the release of toxic metal content into the environment. Success in proper waste management can be attributed to lack of awareness of health risks, inadequate waste management skills, the absence of trusted disposal systems and insufficient funds for handling all unwanted and useless materials. Neglected waste gradually gains toxicity to human beings, animals, and plants. Management of garbage should be given the same weight as the response to a disaster.

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