The Importance of Traditions and Key Role of Village Rituals

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The village ritual is considered very important to the villagers since they have high level anticipation of the event where they are all happy to be part of the whole process. No one is forced to attend the ritual but everyone comes willingly knowing exactly his or her roles and the plan for the whole process. The event is conducted in a more straightforward manner where everyone is satisfied with how the ritual is conducted.

The traditions are key, help in binding the society together, and enhances unity and cohesion among villagers that is a key aspect and the role of these village rituals that are annual events.

Jackson highlights that there are many traditions that are in place that many people do not have an understanding on what they entail but keeping being part of them. The misinformation and lack of understanding creates a very difficult environment under which better decisions can be made within a given focus under which it is possible to make better decisions.

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Despite the fact that Jackson has highlighted the lottery event, she does not provide positive understanding or promote the event as key among the villagers. There are clear differences in the society regarding the treatment of women and men in the society that is not based on equality a key issue that Jackson considers. The setting in this case has provided a clear focus and understanding under which key decisions can be made.

It is clear that the villagers know that there is a ritual but most of them do not understand what the whole ritual entails and are not even interested in the whole process despite the fact they have actively attended the event.

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The role of everyone within the society including children, women and men has not been effectively developed under which their participation is considered key. Despite the fact that it is a village ritual very few people do actively participate which is a serious conflict.

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