The Importance of The Non-Profit Sector

Look up and around the next time an errand runs within what is considered an inner-city, there may be a feeling of sorrow at the ominous clouds hovering the hopeless-looking faces of many of its residents. Statistics are easily available online, most likely due in part to the debate that is constantly being had in regards areas of degradation, who suffer from the decisions made by honestly, I don’t know. All these statistics, jaw jabbing, and finger-pointing is displayed that can be literally be seen with almost any issue, especially those highly debated have yet to lead anyone to any solutions, in my opinion, is the result of pride, not wanting to seem wrong and a plethora of other personal issues that cloud the mind making the subject subjective to those talking about it.

This is where non-profits organizations have the ability to answer the big question of the purpose of a company that doesn’t make a profit on a regular basis like a conventional company.

Many non-profit organizations are community-based, providing the ability to offer goods, services and capabilities to meet necessary community needs. These needs may differ than what is offer on a large scale conventual shelf, meaning government and other companies, the reason being those from the community are actually a part of the organization, so their insight as to the necessary steps, provision or overall plan in general because they have first-hand experience, a stake in the community and the daily exposure to the environment to they will have a better ability to adapt to the needs and changes adequately.

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Also, non-profits have the ability to drive the development in areas such as economics, fine art and culture exposure, cultural awareness, education and health within the community, which helps increase the social system of society. Additionally, organizations in the non-profit sector promote and facilitate social integration, political integration and contribute to groups and individual’s integration into society. These factors alone possess the potential to create growth within people but allowing access and exposure to cultures, ideas, and concepts or beliefs, as well as opportunities that can enhance one in order to promote knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be beneficial.

Earlier in the paper, I mentioned that community-based organizations are a better fit to help, which was my opinion but that doesn’t mean that they are not helpful. Government non-profits and those similar have a huge impact on the world, most other small companies because of their ability to allocate an enormous amount or resources that would not be available to the average small to mid-sized company. There are multi-million dollar grants available to help but the information to gain access to these funds in not common knowledge and requires personal resources to find out e.i time or money. Government-led non-profits have good intentions on a large scale and therefore aid in economic stability and mobility, making them a valuable asset to the countries overall bottom line.

The money that is accessible can be obtained by any company meeting the criteria but I use this regarding the government sector of non-profits because they will always be more efficient at these things because they have a previous process that was developed, implemented and maintained/updated regularly to remain in compliance. This repetitious cycle only further assists the overall economic stability because the money is constantly cycled through so many different hands, thanks to the benefits of tax exemption status, continually recycling money into the economy and not someone million-dollar savings account.

Both sectors possess what I believe is better suited to fit their individual needs and the market or demography they decide on but if combined, have the ability to work in beautiful harmony creating something that can impact lives. What I mean is that community-based organizations have the knowledge and firsthand experience to know what is needed real-time. They may hold vital knowledge but this can prove useless because many times are unable to do anything because they lack access to finances or the knowledge on what is available, how to gain access to the funds, or if obtained how to maintain compliance. This is where the government organizations can have a major impact on the community by allowing the flow of information and resources open. An example of this are organizations that are certified VBSO (veterans business service administration), which means a major player within the company has a military affiliation, normally a veteran, which allows additional technical assistance in areas such as accessing funds etc.

Non-profit organizations have the best interest of the people in society and act as a sort of intermediate between the people, including their needs and various government agencies to achieve what the social objective is. The organizations help in identifying problems, along with plausible solutions to best fit, and filling in the gaps that or provided temporary relief to something that public administration doesn’t possess the appropriate knowledge, skills, or ability to handle.

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