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The Importance of Telecommunications and Telecommunications Research Essay

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Industry Paper Monica Quiroga Orrante City University of Seattle Date November 29, 2017 Abstract This report focuses on the impact of teams decision-making process. I analyze those impacts on different situations experiences during the course of MBA 500 Essentials of Business Management, and how do different personalities, doing an emphasis on mine, can affect teamwork and your career objectives. We can have various attitudes depending the situation we are confronting but out essence remains the same, that is another important topic mentioned in this report How our personality can impact positively and negatively in a team performance.

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Communication skills, respective levels of commitment and reactions according to each personality are factors that affect the efficient way of working together as a team. Teams need to have clear the purpose or the goal and how they are going to get there, that is why understanding that achieving the right mix of skills, experience and personality is one important aspect to ensure a productive team.

Mobile Technology Industry Mobile technology is a form of technology mostly used in cellular communication and it uses a form of platform where many transmitters have the ability to send data on a single channel at the same time. The development ofmobile technologyhas much of its history in the evolution of the cellular phone. From simple cell phones to modern smartphones, this technology still dominates the marketplace for devices used to connect with other phones and to the Internet. Phone technology has evolved through several generations, which has allowed for increasing capabilities. (Swayne Dodds, 2011). Our assumptions of mobile devices are extremely different now because smartphones and tablets offer us integrated computing and telecommunication devices. Smartphones gained popularity with the introduction of Apples iPhone in 2007, and since then, companies have been revolutionizing by offering some innovating features. Mobile Phone Industry Smartphones or mobile phones with advanced computing capabilities gained popularity with the Apples Iphone in 2007. Since then, the smartphone industry has been growing in market size and in models or suppliers. Until the first quarter of 2011, Nokia was the leading HYPERLINK https//www-statista-com.proxy.cityu.edu/statistics/271496/global-market-share-held-by-smartphone-vendors-since-4th-quarter-2009/ smartphone vendor worldwidewith a 24 percent market share.

Today, however, Samsung is clearly leading the pack, with about a fifth of global shipments. Apple is the second largest vendor of smartphones worldwide. In 2016 alone, Apple sold more than HYPERLINK https//www-statista com.proxy.cityu.edu/statistics/276306/global-apple-iphone-sales-since-fiscal-year-2007/ 210 million iPhones worldwide.(Statista, 2017). The prominent smartphone vendors are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi. But when you talk about the operating systems, Android and Apple are the main competitors. A study about the global revenue from smartphones sales in the last five years shows the number of mobile devices sold and how in 2016, over a fourth of people in the world had access to a smartphone, impact in the 1.5 billion units. According to the source and as you can see In the Graph 1, smartphones that run the Android operating system are currently the most popular with an HYPERLINK https//www-statista-com.proxy.cityu.edu/statistics/236035/market-share-of-global-smartphone-os-shipments-by-mobile-operating-system-per-quarter/ 81.7 percent share on the global market.And Apples iOS operating system is currently the second most-used in the world. iPhone sales have risen strongly over the years.

In the first quarter of 2017, Apple sold more than HYPERLINK https//www-statista-com.proxy.cityu.edu/statistics/263401/global-apple-iphone-sales-since-3rd-quarter-2007/ 78 million units of the iPhone, which accounted for roughly HYPERLINK https//www-statista-com.proxy.cityu.edu/statistics/253649/iphone-revenue-as-share-of-apples-total-revenue/ 69 percent of Apples total revenue. (GfK, n.d.). In this paper, the two companies that are analyzed are Apple, Inc., and Samsung. In the course of being the most dominant smartphone makers they also become the names synonymous with arch rivals. From legal battles to allegations of imitations, the world has witnessed all kinds of bitterness among the two smartphone giants. (Newstex, 2015). What is each companys current strategy As one of the first producers of smartphones, Apple decided to use one way to create a blue ocean, they decided to create a new demand in an existing market. Kim and Mauborgne recommend creatingblue oceansuncontested market spaces where the competition is irrelevant. In blue oceans, you invent and capture new demand, and you offer customers a leap in value while also streamlining your costs. Results Handsome profits, speedy growthand brand equity that lasts for decades while rivals scramble to catch up. (HBR, 2011). They were the pioneers of smartphones, and although Steve Jobs knew that soon their competitors would start launching a similar product, they decided to take advantage. Its not about technology innovation, as Kim and Mauborgne mentioned. Value innovation is their strategic logic, Apple is first a user interface and an operating system company, and a hardware company second.

They consider hardware as a vehicle for bring their clients its other creations, like services, apps or user interfaces. On the other hand, Samsung uses a red ocean strategy. Companies compete in a known market space, where the strategy is beating the products of the competition. In the meantime, the competitors are also thinking about the same and meeting over the same strategies, which in most instances are repeated and are just camouflaged but are essentially the same strategy used over and over and exchanged by the competing companies. (The Standard, 2017). Samsung initiated with a competitive strategy of introducing products which development was in a short time, the opposite of Apple, which takes almost a year to launch a new product. This strategy has not been complicated for Samsung because they produce almost all the components that are used in the production of a smartphone. Although, considering the Porters five competitive forces, the company is vulnerable using a red ocean strategy, even if they have managed well their production and their innovations. What are the companies doing to improve their current competitive position Both companies have been taking several decisions in the past few years to improve their competitive strategies. A key competitive advantage of Apple is that they develop new and innovative products that share the same operating system and this minimizes the risk or costs of product development. Once people actually have an iPhone, theyre less likely to switch away. Smartphones have always locked in buyers with their ecosystems to some extent, but Apples layer of services is more powerful than ever, between music and app sales, cloud storage of precious digital items like photos and eventually even control over your smart home or your car. (Wood, 2015). They follow a vertical and horizontal integration providing control over the full user experience. Apple is focusing more on improving products that already exist, instead of creating new ones.

One example is the iPhone X, it has the same operating system but it has a glass body, a dual curved edge-to-edge OLED display with wireless charging, and a superior camera than its predecessors. iPhone could surpass 1 trillion in sales by the end of 2018 bolstered by iPhone X, per a report by TheStreet, which quoted research firm Strategy Analytics. (Newstex, 2017). Talking about Samsung is talking about a strategy based on the weakness of its competitors. They wait for its competitors to arise with a new product and then they develop one similar with their own improvements. Before the crisis with Note7 devices and having 2 billion in losses, Samsung has started to invest almost their 7.4 of their total revenues in RD activities. Other main competitive strategy used by Samsung is launching two devices a year, a Galaxy S in the first half of the year and a Galaxy Note in the second half. This is the opposite of what Apple does, which is to launch a single product every year. They use diversification for their benefit and there are some better alternatives in their last two devices S8 and Galaxy Note 8 has a better display than the iPhone X and they are slightly cheaper than the new iPhone. What likely moves or strategy shifts will they make As the years go by, both companies will have to adapt their competitive strategies because their competitors are beginning to notice in the mobile technology market. Apples main competitive strategy of developing and innovate new products has worked since the early 2000s, so there is no need to substitute it. Apple started looking seriously into building an electric car about two years ago. It expanded the project quickly, poaching experts in battery technology and so-called machine vision, as well as veterans from the automobile industry. (Wakabayashi Chen, 2016). Although Apple has never confirmed this project, it means that they are investing in research and they will need to keep investing because of their competitors on the mobile technology.

They need to invest in advertising and produce devices for different type of consumers because they are oriented more for the rich in the society. The growth of Samsung can be attributed to their strategy of flooding the market with many products that are produced in a relative short time, adding the fact that these products are cheaper than the competition. As mentioned above, the other Samsungs strategy of launching one similar product after its main competitor did, can have negative consequences, like been a copycat. Samsung is likely to shift this strategy to become a dominant force in research to invest and develop new and revolutionary products. They already know that they can do these, because some potential iPhone buyers switched to Android since the upgrades of iPhone X and Samsungs Galaxy Note 8. And additionally, ensure that the new products dont take too long before being dropped into the market. Where is each company most vulnerable According to a SWOT analysis in Apples Company Report from Mint Global, the major weakness of this company is the high dependence on iPhone and iPad product lines. Operating in complex and challenging environment could have a negative impact on the market shares and growth rates of Apple. (MarketLine, 2017). Both product lines together accounted for 73 of the total revenues in 2016. Any negative situation where the growth rates decreases could impact the companys performance. Another important point is that Apple has a niche market, the ones who can afford an iPhone and can change it every year that the company release a new product. In an industry characterized by technological changes, being dependent on few product lines and having a lack of diversification increases the business risk. The weakness that can most impact Samsungs profits is its reliance on Android platform. Although the company is one of the largest players in the smartphone market, it is almost completely dependent on Googles Android platform. (MarketLine, 2017)

Apple has its own operating system, called IOS, while Samsung still depends on third parties for smartphone OS like the Windows Mobile and Bada OS. This indicates a competitive disadvantage in hardware or design differentiation because many smartphones do not have a user-friendly interface, comparing them to the iPhones that do have one, and this may affect Samsungs profitability because in certain places, like the United Stated, consumers could demand devices for lower price for the missing tools. What competitive moves will provoke the greatest and most effective retaliation by each company Conclusion All successful businesses have confidence on teams, and possibly the most important tool that any team can have is one that guarantee the team operates effeciently as a functional whole. To achieve this, the team members need to face with some challenges like culture if they are a cross-functional team and with the different personalities that each member have, dealing with strengthens and weaknesses of all of them.

So, if a business plans to prosper and survive, there must be an effective team implemented and once you have the right people in place, stressful situations will start to decrease because an effective communication in a team can always make things easier. Working in a business environment, where you can be related with more people from different cultures and countries and with different personality types, may be challenging. Why Because personality affects the role you can have within the team, the way you interact with the rest of the team and if your values are aligned with the teams. And these factors are the main determinants if people work together well. References Industry Paper 1 Casual Dress Code 1 PAGE MERGEFORMAT 1 THE DRESS CODE IN TECH COMPANIES PAGE MERGEFORMAT 2 Graph 1 Graph 1 PNG nk.2MTZZj_pJNNT-sgKWmf OGp.sVZIy.W6qrmsMcxEhHwq.Ic oc
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