The Importance of Studying World History

When deciding which history to take, I thought about which parts of the world interested me the most. I decided to take World History because it is dealing with countries all over the world and all the different problems each country faces. They all have different effects on our society today.

One thing that stood out that interests me from the first section is the Paleolithic people. The Paleolithic people were known as “primitive” because they were the earliest known to develop and use stone tools.

This was also known as the “Old Stone Age”, and these tools were the only thing left to study. The Paleolithic people were known to have the same cognitive abilities as modern humans. They were an advanced group of people. They made fish hooks, ax heads, and hammers, which were used for survival. Modern people are more advanced because they are given more resources which developed from the primitive people.

One thing that impacted the human life was the switch from hunting and gathering to agriculture.

Humans were able to domesticate dogs, develop pottery, and were able to develop a sense of property. A benefit of the switch was developing a settlement. People would not have to move around with all of their belongings. Instead they could settle in a new place, and they were able to build better buildings. In addition people could grow and harvest crops. A drawback of the switch was that the people were not having a diverse diet. They were eating the same crops over and over and this was causing malnutrition.

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Another thing that I found interesting is that In Cynicism, the Cynics believed that humans were incapable of ever knowing the truth, therefore human beliefs, human institutions and human desires were not to be trusted. Epicureanism was a philosophy based on the teachings of, Epicurus, and he believed that all matter is made up of little bits called atoms and that existence was the result of random combinations of atoms. He believed that death brought an end to both the body and soul and that death was the ultimate end for all humans. Stoicism was based off the teachings of Zeno of Athen, and the Stoics believed that everything was created by a force called logos. Logos supposedly created everything for a purpose, so the Stoics did not believe in free will. People should do their duty and should approach each day determined to do what is necessary to maintain harmony and stability in society. I think that Stoicism offers the best strategy for dealing with life. It appeals me because people should always maintain a duty in life. They should always make a plan to fulfill their duty each and every day. People should not get to happy nor sad about things because things that happen are meant to be.

Overall, these last eight sections have had many interesting things happen throughout history. I have learned many things and they are all very appealing to me. I hope to learn more about history and the world we live in today throughout the net sections.

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