The Importance of Study of History Essay

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The Importance of Study of History

In the past, knowing clearly about happened events may be more important than knowing how to calculate; however, with the development of technology and science, the central subjects are no longer literature or geography but maths and physics. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that historic studying plays an essential role in our life as it builds up a basement for the society. Moreover, a child growing up without any idea about history may face up with plenty of serious problems. There are lots of reasons forcing people to pay less attention to olden times. For example, studying about dynasties or colonies brings no economic value at all; whereas, people could get loads of money by business. What is more? Humans are living in a period full of economic and social- cultural crises, which drives them to think of their future rather than caring for the past.

In addition, the past is something which cannot be changed, consequently, some people may argue that we had better let it be. Perhaps those causes lower the true significance of studying about history, still, in order to construct an actually developed country, its citizens need to be aware of its formation and movement. Discovering about our ancestors and their customs not only helps us understand the present societies deeply but also provides us with basic ground to predict and orient our future. Thanks to the occurred wars, people come to realize the worth of the peace, and the unity among a nation.

Furthermore, politicians may try their best to prevent conflicts between nations so that there would be no meaningless sacrifices. It is now recognized that children who are unaware of at least their country’s history may have to solve with variety of problems. For instance, Vietnamese children who do not know about the brave revolutions of Vietnam cannot be proud of their small but courageous nation. As a result, they would easily lose their country if it were conquered by any other empires. In summary, it is necessary to explore and teach history since the early ages of people. Studying about the old periods can give us the ability to arrange ideas in chronological order and draw out moral lessons through what happened.

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