The Importance of Self Respect in Decision Making

“Self-respect means knowing that you are equal to every other being on the planet” (Morand). We use Self-Respect to make decisions and Self-Respect also answers for our actions and mistakes. In the Story “On Self-Respect” author Joan Didion explains the importance of Self-Respect and what would happen to us if we were to have no Self-Respect for our self. The reason behind Self-Respect also ties in with the importance of Self-Esteem, but differ in some parts. My points on to the reasons why we need self respect is that it Motivates us, it gives us a sense of mutual respect for one another, and it gives us the feeling of success and conquer.

The importance of Self-Respect is more than anyone can imagine in today’s society.

Everyone looks at self-respect as something that makes you believe in yourself, and they are right. Self-Respect does make you believe in yourself and motivates you to go and do things that you would like to accomplish.

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If you look back at history and think about the greatest leaders like Julius Caesar, he was motivated to become the best emperor there was and in doing that he needed to have Self-Respect for himself and respect for the people around him. Self-respect is a major part to have when in our society today, due to the hard economy and deflation in jobs, you need to be motivated to become something in life and to achieve the goals that you set for yourself since you were young.

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Believe it or not self-respect gives you the motivation to do lots of things that you didn’t even know you need motivation for. It helps you to go to the gym, find a job, and even go to work. These types of things are naturally done when you have self-respect because you want to succeed and you want to achieve a goal, like your body’s overall health or the money you need for an item you want. Self-Respect is not only a motivator but it also gives us a sense of mutual respect into how we treat others around us.

Without Self-Respect then people will think of other people as having no purpose and will mirror that towards the people around you. You have to make yourself something in this world or you will treat others badly, and disrespect them because you yourself feel as though you have no point to live. Like in the literary work, “On Self-Respect” the author states, “To do without self-respect, on the other hand, is to be an unwilling audience of one to an interminable documentary that details one’s failings, with real and imagined, with fresh footage spliced in every screening” (Didion).

This means that if you choose to have no self-respect for yourself then you are just dwelling on your failings and the future failings you will have instead of getting motivated and change the failings to success or push for success in the future. Lastly, Self-Respect gives us a sense of success and a feeling that we have conquered our dreams or achievements. We all have different definitions on what Self-Respect means to us. Some may have different views on Self-respect like author Michelle Morand says, “Self-respect for me means respecting myself above all else”.

Some may say that they wouldn’t have self-respect for themselves if they attempted to try and succeed at one of their goals and were not successful, that they would not have anymore self-respect for themselves because they didn’t achieve there goal. Others might say that even though they failed, they would still have self-respect for themselves because they tried and were willing to try anything to achieve it. All in all self-respect gives everyone the definition of respect to them in there own terms and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you have self-respect. In many instances in my life I had to overcome some situations or strive forward to change who I am as a person.

My self-respect was tested when I had high expectations for myself. In order to achieve my goals I had to believe in my self and had to be motivated to go forward with every decision that I made. I had to respect myself as a person to really get a grasp of things in the world and to succeed in life. I come from experience and know that you do need self-respect in life. Even though self-respect is a huge factor, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything. Self-esteem also plays a role in succeeding and people tend to think of self-esteem and self-respect as the same thing. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself while self-respect is how you see yourself threw your own eyes and throw other people’s opinions.

Self-respect is important in today’s society because it is a motivator, it shows and gives us mutual respect for others, and gives us the definition of self respect. This is a crucial and essential part to have when in today’s economy because in these hard times you need to have Self-respect to try and strive forward to achieving your goals and desires in life. It is not easy to always have self respect but always keep I mind that when you don’t you do not treat others around you with respect and show no motivation in to doing anything about it. “Our culture is concerned with matters of self-esteem. Self-respect, on the other hand, may hold the key to achieving the peace of mind we seek.” This quote shows just how important it is that we have self-respect for our selves in today’s day in age. We will need to have self-respect for our selves for the rest of our lives if we choose to succeed in life.

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