The importance of recognising about children Essay

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The importance of recognising about children

There are many reasons why some children may have advantage and also disadvantage when it comes to development, however children and young people that suffer with their development may need extra support. This is why professionals always keep a record of children and young people’s development patterns so they can keep an eye out for something that does not match.

Case Study:

“Harry is four years old. He has just started the reception class. The teacher notices that Harry’s speech is not quite clear; he does try to talk but only when he is by himself with an adult. Over a couple of weeks, she observes Harry closely and spots that other children do not always understand him and he is finding it hard to make friends. He also seems to be little unsure of himself. She talks to his parents and they agree to refer him to the speech and language service. A few weeks later, Harry is seen by a speech and language therapist. The family are given some tips and also some exercise. Over the next few months, Harry’s speech becomes clearer. His teacher notices that he talks more in class and that he seems more confident. She is also pleased to see that he plays with the other children and has made two very good friends.”

Children and young people’s workforce level 2 books. Harry speech was affecting his communication and Social development because he could not interact with the other children and the other children found it hard to understand him. It also affected his emotional development because he did not have a lot of confidence and was getting frustrated that no one understood him. This is why it is important to recognise children’s difficulty early so that they can be treated quickly so that it does not affect the child later on in life. Harry benefited from being helped because he now has friends and can communicate better with everyone.

He also has more confidence to join in class, boosting his intellectual development. Getting support quickly makes a big difference to children needs, however sometime this will mean supporting the parent by giving them advice or even practical help so they know how to help and support their child. Other times children will need specialist support like Harry did with a speech and language therapist. Many interventions are short-term, for other children there support can be long-term, for example those with learning difficulties.

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