The Importance of Reading and Studying Essay

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The Importance of Reading and Studying

Every generation of man, since the beginning of time, has had to learn over and over again the same basic lessons. Why do we not take advantage of the fact that many of them wrote down their mistakes in their writing? If you are in a similar situation why not try looking at it from a different point of view?

Many classics of our age were written with some moral objective, a lesson to be learned by the reader. In this sense, reading the works of an author gives their personal insight on a given topic. Allow me to explain. For instance, one of my favorite novels is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. In this story, the two main characters represent extreme cases of love. One acts on every whim and feeling, that is, sensibility.

The other, sense, reigns in her heart and is not ruled by her emotions. Jane Austen’s perspective on and about women during this time period is evident throughout the entire novel and thus provides a glimpse into her world and her mind. By recognizing the comparison, I am then able to come to my own conclusions concerning matters of the heart.

If we do not continue studying these great classic works, it is impossible to claim our superiority in this modern era to any other time in history. Despite all the technological advances in the entire world, blatant ignorance of the past will only continue the demise of the love of literature today.

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