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The importance of Pompeii today Essay

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QNo1:1a: The volcanic eruption results in the loss of people’s life and home making their families helpless and homeless. Sometimes it destroys the village under the ash or lava.

1b: On the 24th August in the year AD 79, the people of Pompeii were going about their business in the usual way. Suddenly it grew dark a great was leaving the top of mountain. The people of Pompeii started to run out of the town, but more than 2000 of them didn’t get for. Stones and cinders began to fall on the town and the town was completely buried.

1c: The importance of Pompeii today is that the Italian government has very carefully cleared away the volcanic matter to uncover public buildings, private houses, shops and market places. We can see where people lived and how they live and can make a picture depicting of their culture. From the body of a Roman soldier which was found by the archaeologist we can, today, understand the people of that time and the things they possessed at that time.

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1d: The people who have been living near volcanoes know the merits of the soil formed by the condensation of the matter erupted by the volcanoes, how fertile that is.

1e: Tristan da Cunha was a living island which had erupted many time and forced people to leave their places. The volcano was dormant.

QNo3: (i) Erupting – suddenly coming out of something – volcano has started erupting. (ii) Cinders – a piece of material that is left after something such as wood or coal has burned – the ash is occupied from cinders. (iii) Extinct – a volcano that is unlikely to erupt – extinction is a fact of living. (iv) Dormant – something that is not active – the volcanoes after losing capability of Eruption become dormant.

(v) Lava – a kind of rock which comes out of volcano in the form of a very hot liquid – lava after cooling becomes solid rocks.

QNo4: A Country I Would Like To Visit

I have a craving to go to a foreign country. The very thought sends a wave of thrill in me. I feel that a visit to some foreign country will add to my knowledge of men and manners and I shall be able to know more of the world and its geography.

There are a number of countries where people generally go. There is U.S.A., the richest country of the world. It is a land of skyscrapers, crime and affluence, to is said that out of every two families there one has got a car. There is the United Kingdom, whose inhabitants ruled over India for over a century and fleeced her of all her wealth. There is Russia—a super power, the leader, of the countries with Communist ideology. Japan, too, is a country which has fascination for some. Japan is once again making rapid strides towards industrialization after the mishap of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During the Second World-war two American bombs had razed them to the ground and brought Japan to her knees. Germany, too, is advancing rapidly towards industrialization.

Which country I would most like to visit? Well, I have no particular fascination for the United Kingdom. The reason is simple enough. I have heard so much about the country from my friends and relatives who have been there that I feel there would be nothing new for me to see. The visit to Russia is out of question. Undoubtedly, Russia is a great country. She has made great progress in science and technology. Yet its way of life is not congenial to my taste. It is a Communist country. There is no liberty of speech. Adverse criticism is not tolerated.

The country I would most like to go is the U.S.A. Not that it is a rich country. The Americans are the best people in the world. There is no formality in their behaviour. If India is now able to tide over her problem it is all due to American help. Food grains worth billions were imported from that country and the food problem is all but solved. It is also helping the country with the technical knowhow in some of the major industries. The Americans also speak the English language which I can speak and write with ease. I have therefore, decided to go to America as and when I get an opportunity to do so. QNo5 : (i) Friend: Hey, I told you about that problem.

Me: Which one?
Friend: About my dad’s broken car.
Me: Yeah. So?
Friend: What should I do now?
Me: What can I say… May be you should talk to your dad about it. Friend: Shall I lie to him?
Me: No. Just don’t make this situation worst by lying to your dad about it. Friend: So?
Me: Go and tell him the truth. Tell him what happened and how that happened. Tell him that it was neither yours nor the opposite driver’s fault but because of the slippery road. Friend: Will that be ok?

Me: Yeah. I think so.
Friend: Okay. Thanks brother for the advice.

(ii) Mother: Vacations are not about sleeping late and watching TV all day. You can take up photographs, learn an instrument, learn judo… Son/Daughter: I really worked hard for my exam. I do want to rest. Mom: Okay. I know but I will not allow you to watch TV all day and do nothing. Son/Daughter: But mom…

Mother: No. I don’t want to listen anything now.
Son/Daughter: Ok fine. I’ll do something but not today, by tomorrow, I promise. Mother: Are you lying to me?
Son/Daughter: How can I!
Mother: Okay. But only today you can keep being lazy.
Son/Daughter: Thank You! You are the sweetest mom in the world. Mother: Okay Okay… Now stop buttering.

QNo7: (i) the, a
(ii) a, a, an, a, the, the, the, the

QNo8: (i) to help (ii) playing (iii) to catch (iv) cooking (v) to work (vi) driving (vii) to go (viii) lending (ix) to buy (x) listening

QNo9: 1 were. 2 had prepared. 3 arrived. 4 discovered. 5 had reserved. 6 had not had. 7 had given. 8 had also misunderstood. 9 required. 10 suspected.

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