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The Importance of Physical Security

Categories: Security

Before having any involvement in Physical Security, a person must first understand what exactly physical security is and its importance on the safety of oneself and others. Physical security is defined as a part of security concerned with physical measures designed to safeguard personnel; to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, installations, material, and documents; and to safeguard against espionage, sabotage, damage, and theft. There are many moments all over the world where peoples security has been compromised; whether it be from a software stand point or something a lot more serious and life changing.

Being in Army means several different things: you must be an example of what a soldier is and what all persons should be. One thing that stands among the top of what soldiers and people across the world should be is safe. Safety is extremely important and the neglect of safety, especially in the army is a mistake not taken lightly. Being in the the Army means that a person will have many responsibilities, one of those being having a weapon.

In basic training, care of your weapon and keeping it by your side is extremely important. If someone had that weapon that belonged to you, that would be a violation of the Armys physical security. Leaving your weapon unsecured also is a direct violation of the army’s physical security.

On May 12th 2020, I disobeyed a fairly simple rule “always keep your weapon secure”. Whether it be from forgetfulness or any number of potential problems that may have caused that mistake, it was still a direct violation of the armys physical security rules as well as a direct disregard of the simple order that I was given.

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Considering that the weapon in my locker was real (and for all intensive purposes it should be viewed that way all the time) and I left my locker open with my weapon inside, that could cost me the lives of many people i may both know and don’t know.

The consequences of doing something as forgetful, foolish, and sometimes even unforgiving as leaving something so dangerous unsecured and neglecting the importance of physical security could be an Article 15 or simply just getting kicked out of the Army and thrown in a jail. To me none of that matters more than the lives of the people I serve with everyday. Knowing that I could have endangered them as well as myself upsets me. However, i now know the importance of the act of consciously checking to make sure that my battle buddies are safe by checking to make sure that my things are secure and that I am following the constant demand of physical security.

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