The Importance of Participating in Community Service

Helping out the community takes care of an abundant amount of needs. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it be random acts of kindness, helping in a food pantry, or yardwork. Hunger, clothing, cleanliness of the community, and shelter are all major needs in our community as well as others. Hunger is a huge problem in our community. Many underprivileged families depend on their children’s schools to provide their children with breakfast, lunch, and snacks because they are either at work all the time, or their job pays only enough for care of one person.

One specific example that clearly made an impact on my life as well as the community’s is, every summer and during spring break, my youth group brings food to Boyd Elementary playground. Most if not all the kids in the nearby apartment complexes up because they otherwise would have gone without lunch.

We serve them food, pray over them, and then have a big kickball game.

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A major need in our community especially, is clothes. Clothes that are good quality have become so expensive over the years. ACO helps in a major way as well as other places such as Plato’s closet and Goodwill. I have served with ACO by donating clothing to them as well as my time to help organize and clean out the store. Many seniors who still live at home are unable health wise to do yardwork. The Home Owner’s Association, as well as city codes, requires many laws in order to make homes look nice and presentable.

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So many times throughout the year my church will take groups of people to different houses and offer to do yardwork such as mowing, pulling weeds, cutting wild limbs off trees, spreading mulch, and planting flowers just so the homeowners are able to make the HOA happy and they’re yard looks beautiful and clutter free. Another example of helping the cleanliness of our community is different schools around Allen have an Environmental Club. They recycle, clean up clutter off the streets, and every once in a while go down to the creek and clean up litter around that area. Houses and apartments are very pricy in the DFW area, and some people just do not have the money to pay rent or to even relocate to an area where they can afford housing. My church as well as many others in the metroplex are avidly involved in Habitat for Humanity.

This organization builds houses for people who cannot afford housing any other way. Samaritan Inn is another great organization that reaches out to homeless people to give them a nice warm place to stay as well as services like free clinics and financial advice. Everyone likes knowing they are loved. If someone asked to pay for your meal after you’ve had a bad day, wouldn’t you feel on top of the world? When you serve people in the community, it not only makes the physical community a better place to live but it brings the people in the community closer together. When you do something nice for someone they enjoy the feeling of knowing someone cares and they suddenly have an urge to reach out in any way they can to people who are less fortunate than they are.

By this domino effect, you may have impacted one person directly, but because that person felt so loved, they wanted to share that feeling with two more people, and then all of a sudden, the whole community has been impacted and everyone holds their head a little higher and smiles a little more. The last thing you would think about while serving others is yourself, but statistics have shown that even if you don’t want to be doing it, serving others and the community brightens your mood. Seeing people’s reactions after you have done a good deed for them such as, mow their lawn for free, makes you feel good inside. You have the power to make someone’s day and that should feel really good. Statistics also show that serving in your community can increase your test scores, help you make better decisions, and not to mention, it looks great on resumes. So not only are you shaping your community into a better place to live along with making people’s days, you are changing yourself to have a servant mindset and become an even better person than you are today.

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