The Importance of Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges in Order to Achieve Success

This incident that happened to me a while ago. In my Junior year, for my summer reading essay, I finished them quickly to get them out of the way. I thought I was good at writing essays and didn’t like to go back to make sure it didn’t have mistakes. This was because I was being overconfident thinking they were going to be good and was going to receive at least an A-minus. I failed to go back and check my essays which ended up affecting my grade early in the year.

I turned in my essays that appeared to have been made in a rush and looked like last-minute work. As a result, I started the year with a low grade. This grade affected me in a positive manner and bad. It showed me that I was being overconfident and assuming the essay was going to be good. I should not act as if my paper is not going to have mistakes because of mistakes are always done.

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The grade affected me in a positive way it had on me was that it made me more careful with my writing itself.

For example, now I’m more cautious with integrating quotes, having proper citations, and making sure that the essay does not contain a lot of grammar mistakes. I learned from this experience that I should always go back and read my paper to make sure it makes sense. This is something I’m unaccustomed to because I don’t like to read my own work.

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This is because I tend to overthink, and I think that I did the prompt wrong and I have to restart. However, after this incident, I have gone back on all of my work just to make sure it was correct. The failing grade on my essays inspired me to do better. Getting better is always a challenge but it’s not impossible that is why I am motivated to not get a bad grade on a paper again. In conclusion, I received a bad grade on an assignment worth a lot of points that taught me a lesson. Now I’m better at doing a great job, and I was able to bring my grade back to an A by the end of the quarter, I did not let the bad grade stop my potential. I know better to not be overconfident and always go back to read my work to make sure it makes sense.

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