The Importance of Nursing Theories in the Nursing Profession

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There are many theories that seek to explain a certain phenomenon. We can therefore describe a theory as series of interrelated concepts and models that give an organized perception and view to a specific phenomenon. Theories are predictive and explanatory in nature and they cover some of the most recurrent aspects in a certain field. In that sense, nursing theories are theories that seek to explain the nature of nursing and some of the stringent actions in nursing. Despite the assumption by some nurses that nursing theories do not apply in nursing, this paper will prove the opposite of this hypothesis by indicating the importance of nursing theories in the nursing profession.

To start with, theories are sets of concepts and models that define the correct way of performing a certain profession (Costello, 2017). This therefore means that nursing as a profession is also guided by a number of theories that guide the processes and operations within nursing. It is also important to note that theories are developed after inductive and deductive reasoning during observation of certain trends in nursing which means that the nursing theories are relevant to the profession.

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Nursing theories are widely used in the evaluation of patient conditions through the use of various acceptable ways in order to decide the treatment that should be given to the patient (Costello, 2017).

This means that nursing theories help in deciding the appropriate an acceptable ways in nursing and gives an explanation as to why certain methods are unacceptable. Nursing theories also help to in the identification of the patient needs through effective communication with the patient and other forms of interaction aimed at getting as much information from the patient.

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With this in mind, one can comfortably conclude that nursing theory is imperative in nursing since it offers a systematic and organized articulation of the acceptable methods of treatment to the patient and offers answers to some of the critical question s in the nursing profession.

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