The Importance of Newspapers in the Information Age

In the crazy world of media, we have taken huge steps in advancing the media we all consume daily. Over the years of media there has been one that has been people’s source of media since almost the beginning that source would be the newspaper. Then there is a new source that has blown up in the last few years, we all use it every day and maybe addicted to it, social media the thing we all do when we’re on our cellphones.

Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or even Snapchat we all use social media in some way these days. When it comes to the newspaper and social media what are their differences and what are their similarities. To begin with, newspapers are something that has been around for a long time so they have a lot of pros but with the new technology there comes cons along with newspapers these days. When it comes to newspapers, they are very well respected if they are still around to this day and have not been lost in the world of new media.

Another good thing about newspapers that people don’t think of is that people are more likely to trust a newspaper article than what they see on the media because people can share whatever they like on social media. The only problem with people that respect newspapers are that those who do so are slowly fading away and people are going towards other options. Newspapers will continue to stay around as long as they continue to put out things that are different from the daily thing that goes around social media, newspaper normal puts more current events that are going on at that time.

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In the newspaper, they normally have where they stay relatively close in proximity with the news they release because most people that will read it won’t care with things that have nothing to do with them in other areas. With all that said though it is still nice every once in a while, as a young person myself to grab a newspaper and set down and read it. Next, we go into social media, there are both good and bad in social media just the same as the newspaper. Social media is something we all are still learning and adapting to in our lives but still, add many benefits like how we can stay connected to our friends and family. A person can see what their friends and family put on social media like pictures and videos. That gives people a sense of connection even though they are not with that person. Social media is how you can find out what is happening worldwide from your fingertips. It is the exact opposite of newspaper in that sense. With all the upside to the new way of life with social media, there is a downside to it all as well as the fact that privacy and safety are always at risk when putting your life on your social media. Social media also adds problems to the fact of people not living up to how they think they should fit in more on social media and have more followers and likes to have a good life but in the end none of that matters as social media was not meant to add to our problems in life but make it easier.

A newspaper chooses which topics to group the news under and then puts a certain number of stories under each topic which then sets the layout of any newspapers. Social media users preferred sharing opinion pieces, as well as national, local and world news. Newspaper goes more towards the emphasis on sports, economy, entertainment, and celebrity stories instead. Technology is changing how we get and share the news. Social media can help editors and publishers learn which stories make more noise with the public and which are most likely to be shared across all the platforms that social media has to offer. These two have good and bad with all of the media but then again there is good and bad in everything we do daily. With both newspapers and social having their good and bad we need them both to stay around as they both put out things that better us about the world, we live in. Along with that they stay in competition with each other and push to have us as consumers get the best out of both newspapers and the social media, we take in.

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