The Importance of Naps When Tired

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As college students, many of us don’t meet the required amount of sleep at night. How many of you can guess how many hours an adult aged between 18-25 should sleep? People aged 18-25 should get anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep every night, how many of you get that? I can tell you about myself and I don’t get anywhere near that amount. I’m just either studying and working on my assignments or just being on my phone.

I lack the motivation to go to sleep and get my full amount of needed hours. So, because of this and because most of you don’t get the appropriate amount of sleep at night, you often space out, lose focus, or doze off. Is that true?

So, according to Dr. Eric Olson who specializes in sleep medicine, naps can benefit everyone. So, by just taking a simple 20-30 minutes out of your day you could not only lower your stress levels, you could increase your productivity, and you can improve your mood.

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So, if you can’t focus and you’re having some trouble getting through your assignments just take a simple 20 minutes nap.

So, today I’m going to tell you how naps can help you, or to be more accurate how you can help yourself by taking naps and their positive to reduce your stress, increase your productivity, and improve your mood.

So, first let’s discuss how naps can reduce your stress levels. So, when you don’t get the enough amount of sleep that you should get you often get stressed and it increases your stress levels and when you have so much stress you release stress hormones which causes a lot of health problems such as your heart rate increases and your blood pressure goes up.

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So, according to the American psychological association “matures and bloomers who were born 1927-1964 are rated at a 3.5-4.3 on the stress scale while millennials those born from 1982-2004 are rated at 6.0” and this is due to the lack of sleep we’re getting. So, because of all your stress you are not balancing your life properly. You are not getting the proper amount of sleep because of all the assignments you could have, and you are spending more time awake and stressed than you should be, and this is considered a type of self-harm. So, for this if you take a nap it’s going to help you get to a healthier lifestyle.

So, now that you know how naps can reduce your stress levels, I’m going to tell you how they can increase your productivity. Every time you take a nap you are improving your health, and thus increasing your productivity. But depending on what do you want to get out of your nap depends on how long your nap is for a twenty minutes nap you are going to improve your alertness and you motor skills, but if you some help memorizing terms for your next exam then in this case you should get a 20-60 minutes nap which increases your decision making and memory productivity. So, according to a study done by the University of Michigan naps can increase your productivity anywhere from 10-15. And as you can see in this picture is an energy pod. Google is a major company and it does this amazing thing with its employees and allows them to have naps as part of their day in work. The idea behind this is that it increases their productivity so the 30 minutes they might be losing from employees napping is gained back by their more productive work after getting the nap.

This energy pod blocks out external causes of disturbance and plays some relaxing music to get you to have a nice nap and it reclines to a position that allows for maximum blood flow and instead of waking up to an annoying alarm and freaking out, it vibrates gently to wake up whoever is taking a nap in it. And Google has shared some statistics that it has increased their productivity.

Most people would say that they don’t have time for a 20 minutes nap during their 24 hours a day. But you don’t have to be home to take a nap, you can be in your car, you can take a nap in the library no one is probably going to bother you. And many of you would also say why should I take a nap if a cup of coffee can help me. I can drink some caffeine and be great for the day. And when I mentioned that naps can increase your memory performance, caffeine on the other hand reduces your memory performance and hurts you in the long run.

Now that you know that naps can reduce your stress and increase your productivity, I’m going to tell you how they can improve your mood. So how many of you spend late nights cramming for an exam when you should’ve studied for that a week before? This picture represents a typical college student cramming for an exam and drinking energy drinks to stay awake and get that extra few minutes of studying. So, that isn’t not helping you at all. I know teachers always told you that cramming doesn’t work, and we still do it anyway. When I was researching this, it was proven that cramming reduces your ability to process information and remember it. Now that I have told you all of this I want you to imagine a world where people are not honking attending their meetings and classes on time and just smiling everywhere. That’s not our society today. So, if you could just take 20 minutes out of your day for a nap that could be our society, that could be us.

And before I end, I want to call for action. Every time you feel tired or stressed or just not feeling it, I want you to take a 20 minutes nap and see the results for yourselves.

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The Importance of Naps When Tired
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