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The importance of learning Essay

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The importance of learning is not caged around the four corners of a classroom. Surely we do not want to be the stereotype of an out-of-touch scholar, at home among abstractions but bewildered by the mention of reality. Or the student, who, after four-five years of studying in a university, asks, “Where’s the clinic? ” With the hardships that a student experiences (poverty, isolation in study, underworked muscles, deadlines, and projects), there must be an outlet in which he could forget and enjoy, at least temporarily.

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Joining an organization that offers learning through recreation and other extra-curricular activities could be an effective outlet. Extra-curricular activities like joining an organization would help you boost your confidence. In charismatic groups, they don’t just pray and praise. They sing, dance, read, go camping, and do lots of other stuff that involves fun. But many are not able to use their talents for the simple reason that they have not even discovered yet where and how to reveal them. An organization is the perfect place that could help you expose your talents.

More so, it gives you a sense of belonging, a feeling that says, “Ah, so here’s the flock that I should fly with! ” Fraternities and sororities can be an option, since they promise protection and support from brothers and sisters. Be careful to choose the right ones, though. Therefore, it is important that you do not restrict yourself in one corner. Move on to the larger scope of things. To develop fully as individual and become well rounded person, one must discover his or her potentials and share them to others.

And what better way than to join extra-curricular activities! Of course, joining an organization or group entails the hardships in managing time and adjusting to a new group of people. But then, if you love the group you are in or are interested in improving yourself, all these problems could not possibly overshadow the fun and the lessons you’ll learn. The Student Accountancy Society is one of the busiest organizations in the University of Northern Illinois.

Yet it is just amazing how these accounting students still manage to keep up with their studies, get remarkably high grades, and at the same time excel in different extra-curricular activities. “It is a matter of time management and setting priorities. It is difficult, because sometimes you have to sacrifice your studies if needed in the organization,” says the one member of the group. However, despite his hectic schedule, he sees to it that he catches up on whatever he would miss in his classes.

It is no joke being in an organization because they have other things to do aside from their ordinary student life: accounting seminars, quiz bowls for different levels, tutorial sessions before major exams, outreach programs, book assistance and others. Since learning is not only achieved inside the four walls of the classroom some of our very own accounting students “go out to the world” and stand out bringing a good name to the school. But behind the glory and high reputation is the struggle of every accounting student to survive.

He has no assurance until where and when he’d last in the “battle. ” According to some professors however, IQ is not the only thing that matters in the working but EQ as well, and that the department aims to form the students holistically and not just academically; hence, students are enjoined to get involved in sports, public, speaking, and others. Accounting students often get the impression of being so much focused and are so serious that they do not have time for fun. Well, actually they do.

They have this Meet the Intern Night that they hold once a year which is a in a way, encouraging Accounting freshmen to be part of the group. It is also the time when different levels show their talents and compete in different fields. At the forefront of the university is a student. No amount of forced hypnosis, teaching methodology or subtle encouragement could sway him in finding or nor finding any meaning to, say, a seminar with the internationally acclaimed with an internationally acclaimed speaker.

He should be the one to look for motivation and self-esteem; he should be the one to impose volunteerism and creativity; he should be the one to regulate the daily dragging routine of a true leader who shuns leadership, opportunity, work and achievements. The students should be the ones to drum on their head s the importance of extra-curricular activities, the purpose of student body or the meaning of a student organization. Work Cited “Extra-curricular activities. ” 2008. Collegeboard. com, Inc. 16 October 2008 <http://www. collegeboard. com/student/plan/high-school/113. html>

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