The Importance of Leadership Essay

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The Importance of Leadership

What is leadership? What or who do we think of when we picture a good leader? Numerous answers to these questions exist. However, when it comes to making a great leader, I believe that three traits are essential. A good leader must be inspirational, intelligent and above all display integrity. The quality of being inspirational is one that is essential for any leader. In order to inspire, you must be confident in what you believe in before you inspire others. You need to be able to get your point across through everyone’s point of view.

You want others to look forward in a positive way. Though that may sound difficult to some, the ability to inspire and get others to agree with or share your point of view is integral. Intelligence is the ability to have a solid understanding about a variety of topics. A good leader must be knowledgeable. If not, then the confidence of any leader can be shaken in the face of a challenge. Furthermore, intelligence allows a true leader to handle any situation with innovation and certainty.

Intelligence further allows a true leader to listen to and consider a wide variety of viewpoints and permits for an open flow of ideas and opinions that can be used to be a more effective leader. Integrity is the idea of upholding your beliefs no matter what the situation. Integrity cannot be bought or faked. It must be genuine. People will notice that you stick to your ideas and be inspired by these. Forms of integrity include honesty and doing the right thing regardless if it’s viewed as unpopular. Integrity will help any leader stay “true” to their mission and vision.

It is perhaps the most important of these three characteristics. Leadership is never an easy character trait to display. No one is born a leader. It must be earned through hard work and a steadfast resolution to adhere to certain principles. It is through the adherence to these principles discussed that one can maintain a sense of purity and overcome the obstacles that it takes to be a good leader and provide inspiration to many others. “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things. ” ? Ronald Reagan

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