The Importance of Investing in the Solar Energy for Future Sustainability

The expansion in technological advancements has caused humans to overlook the world around them, planet Earth. It has become an awareness after problems had started occurring and not before. To alleviate this problem before it is too late, numerous amount of research has expanded from the disasters that have occurred to the ignorance of the acts on Earth. To compensate for the decline of traditional energy sources, researchers around the world are developing innovative technologies that will provide a long-term solution to our rapidly growing energy necessities.

Some are green while others pose a threat to the planet itself, such as fossil fuels.

To find a permanent solution has been a challenge that has been accepted by various intellectual engineers, scientists, and geologists around the world, but has not been accomplished as of yet. This barrier of not having a stable and lasting solution is what is becoming popular in numerous studies today across the globe to be solved with a promise.

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Solar energy is clean and releases zero greenhouse gases and waste. There have already been different alternative suggested for this topic; but tests are still necessary to ensure its longevity. Above all of the types of alternate “green” energy sources, solar technology is found to be the one that will last plentiful generations successfully.

Solar Energy is: “the energy derived from the Sun’s radiation” which is what we use for power in factories, houses, some cars, etc. From the research that has already been acquired and the advancements over time, solar energy is the correct initiative to invest time and money in, as it will prove to be successful for the future.

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The history of photovoltaic energy, solar energy usage, started back in 1876.

The first type of using the sun’s energy was used were back in the 7th century when clear reflective glasses were used to aim the sun’s rays at wood or grass starting fires. Having unique characteristics, the search for advancing this new energy has been studied ever since and will highly be continued for the future to come. The usage of modern solar energy was developed by the usage of photovoltaic cells that acquire the energy from the sun’s rays directly and output power immediately or can be stored in massive amounts for later usage. There are currently various practices around the world that are being done to produce a promising world for the future generations.

The different types of solar energy are: storing the energy from the cells, boiling water to drive a steam turbine, metals absorbing the heat from massive mirrors, etc. All of these variations have purposes that will mostly meet the necessities of people. Ranging from solar powered calculator to solar powered factories, the potential of this revolutionizing energy is endless. Being that this energy can be effortlessly acquired and stored as well, it amplifies its possibility of recreating the renewable sources are used around the globe. It is proven that this new type of energy is extremely likely to replace current standard usage of fuels for energy.

Being that it “pays off” in the future for itself, it is advantageous to the world in the long run along with its insignificant negative effects. Based on the statistics that have been congregated by scrutiny of the energy, it is indicated that solar energy will feasibly take over the renewable source list. The positive sides to solar energy are that it is basically “free” energy, or at least it is alleged to be. There is only one time build of the panels or cells and only maintenance is need for the future usage, which is an acceptable replacement. An augment in the usage of solar energy is making it cheaper for the common people to use them to power their homes in most residential areas.

In addition to acquiring the energy, it is not simply wasted if it is not used on the spot, the energy can be stored as well for later use similar to batteries in our remotes or even cars. Several companies are developing sophisticated hybrid solar/storage systems to prepare for when a lack of energy occurs, hence this technology is immune to black outs or power cuts. Lastly, it is dependable, almost never-ending amount of energy source, that is renewable and not contaminating.

Several companies are developing sophisticated hybrid solar/storage systems to prepare for when a lack of energy occurs. When natural disasters or emergencies occur, people can rely on the stored energy and the continuous free flow of energy as it endlessly powers our world.

To prepare for the future, plans and projects have already been initiated with an aspect of end goal in mind. Some of these initiatives range from ordaining solar panels in residential and commercial areas to forecasting of massive solar fields in open areas of the world that would not impact nature in a negative way. To encourage the switch to the green energy, the government is giving a bonus amount of money to who use solar energy in their house, car, etc. This makes the process of switching faster and easier for people because it reduces the costs to create and install panels or cells. Some companies have started experimenting with large-scale plants to store and supply energy for the majority of the world within the next one or two decades. The “Sahara Forest Project” is a remarkable one that is being initiated today.

This project’s main goal is to restore growth in the world’s most arid regions, consequently Sahara, the hottest desert on Earth. The end goal is to power at least half of the world’s power usage by the end of the year 2050. The cost of this project is not yet determined currently, but it will expected to be in the billions because it is a vast project across the desert in Africa and it is meant to be built as a permanent solution of green and renewable energy for the future. Other projects that are occurring currently are power plants, home electricity supply, solar power in cars, and massive energy plants to store the energy around the world for future usage.

These projects are expected to be successful because most of them have already been started and will finish within a decade or two, which is the time, which fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources are expected to deplete. Solar Energy is believe to revolutionize the world’s usage of fuels because it is the type of energy that has the most potential to replace most or all of the non-renewable energy sources that pollute the world. People are going to the extremity in the tremendous parts of the world to achieve unimaginable things that would seem impossible or dangerous before. Being a Mechanical Engineering graduate in the future, numerous job opportunities will open up relating to finding a long time renewable energy source for Earth and it would be truly satisfying be a part of the revolution of technology.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, students are able to improve the technology used in the solar energy to create a an easier and faster way of finishing the project. Based on this major, Engineers can physically design machines that will make the project possible and to be finished by the year of 2050, which will be in the upcoming future. It is proven that seventy percent of solar energy plants consist of Mechanical Engineers, which augments the chances of acquiring a job in this field after graduation Some noteworthy facts to think about this astonishing technology are that it is essentially an infinite source of energy.

As long as the sun continues to burn as the bright start, Earth will receive power through solar technology. It would take only about one-eighteenth of the Sahara desert area of solar panels to power the entire world. This area is 192,000 square miles, or the size of Spain visually. The “Sahara Desert Project” is expected to be accomplished by the year 2050. Lastly, solar power has the potential to fuel the world exponentially greater than by the methods that are being used currently around the world, and it does not produce a single amount of pollutant. In addition to the facts, come the costs to install the solar panels as a green energy initiative.

To install solar panels for a one-acre house would cost by the kilowatts used and the price range would be just under hundred thousand according to the falling prices as of 2013. For larger projects such as the Sahara dessert project will be in the billions range due to the vast amount of area and installation needed to replace a majority of the world’s power source. Costs are calculated to decrease over time as the technology is communized in major countries, which will increase the chances of having an easier budget in the future. The transition to permanent green alternative energy source is vital to planet Earth and future generations as well.

By finding a permanent green rentable energy source for the future, current generations will have hope about the survival of the human race. Being an important topic for people, it will alleviate the doubts and worries people have today after solar energy becomes the answer to the problems in the short upcoming future. I believe that solar energy will revolutionize how energy is used in the future and will solve the problems with dangerous and polluting fossil fuels being depleted. Once accomplished, it will not only be outstanding, but it will allow people to rethink the ways of accomplishing the unthinkable and setting new boundaries to mankind’s achievements and goals for the future. It is believed that the price should not be matter since people would be paying a higher price, their lives, if the environment were not taken care of.

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