The Importance of Giving Homework to Improve the Learning and Understanding of Students

Students go to school or college to learn something from their teachers and books. Some teachers have different ways to help their students For example the teachers give class work. The teacher should give homework because it improves students’ learning and teachers can tell from the homework if students don’t understand and it is simply a practice. Homework is important for students. Students should do homework because it helps the student improve their learning. For example, they will find information and different opinions about a topic when the teacher gives homework in a history class If teachers don’t give out homework, the students don’t have the knowledge to prepare their opinions, Teachers can tell from the homework if students don’t understand.

Most teachers try to explain the lessons in the book for students to understand and they will do homeworkt.

When teachers give students homework, students will read and prepare the answers to the questions of the homework.

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It helps students to practice to make perfect For example some homework helps students think up answers Homework is simply a practice because doing homework is a good way to remember and improve skills for students The students can never become perfect at anything without good practice, There are benefits from homework, For example, they will learn something and find correct solutions in the homework. It is helpful and a clear explanation for students when they need to review, Generally, teachers bring knowledge to students and homework is the tool for students to understand and help students to extend their knowledge.

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So, teachers should give homework to students because it is very important.

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