The Importance of Friendship in Today’s World Essay

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The Importance of Friendship in Today’s World

Friendship in it’s meaning, to grasp its true essence, cannot be defined in words. To define the term friendship, I believe that we cannot simply refer to the folds of the pages of the Oxford dictionary; but we must go back searching through the past times in our lives, on countless occasions, where the solution to our adversities, our issues, lay in the hands of the ones closest to us. The meaning of friendship is vividly portrayed in the deeds of goodwill carried out by the ones within our inner circle of trust and companionship.

Society supports the idea of friendship being an invisible bond of trust, self-sacrifice and support, between two individuals or more. Friendship is a broad term. The aforementioned statement regarding “the grasp of friendship in its essence”, is the crux belief of what friendship is. However, some people regard friendship in a slightly more materialistic way. For example, I give to you a CD of the latest album of your favourite rock band, and by me giving that to you, you may think that this is a mark of our friendship, that what friendship really equates to is the trading and/or giving of material gifts.

This distorted perception of true friendship, even though it virtually renders the overall aim as null and void, it still benefits both parties in that some good is done by and to them. There is another term given to this. its called utilitarianism. the belief that the greatest happiness of the greatest number should be the criterion of the virtue of action. Now, using my central reasoning behind the meaning of friendship (as described in my first and second statements) as the basis of my following statements, I will discuss how prominent friendship is, in today’s world.

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