The Importance of Engineering Drawing

Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering dealing with the optimization of complex processes or systems. It is concerned with the development, improvement, implementation and evaluation of integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, information, equipment, energy, materials, analysis and synthesis, as well as the mathematical, physical and social sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering design to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems or processes [1] Basically, the science of Industrial Engineering can be divided into three areas of curriculum:

1. Basic science Including basic materials that related with basic technical science like mathematics and physics. 2. Engineering design Consist of engineering drawing, design process, electronic, etc. 3. Engineering science Divided into two classifications : a. Non industrial technical Like knowledge of materials, engineering mechanics, thermodynamics, etc. b. Industrial technical Like operation research, industrial statistic, industry dynamics, planning and control of industrial, etc. Picture is one way to declare intention of a person. As we know, sometimes there are some differences in understanding of a product.

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To avoid that, we need a picture. The function of picture is in order to make the same understanding of a product for each person. Therefore, we need to learn engineering drawing. Engineering drawing allows efficient communication about a product since it communicates all needed information from the engineer who designed to the workers who will make it. What the importance of engineering drawing for Industrial engineering? As we have knew, before we produce our products, we need to design the shape of products, the shape and model of their wrapper products, the symbols, and many others related to the designing of their products [2].

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To design them, we need to know and learn engineering drawing. Engineering drawing is one of the subjects that can support them who are studying in the Industrial Engineering. The main purpose of the engineering drawing in the industrial engineering is to give the ability and to develop the skill in reading and drawing the component of the machine and a product of manufacturing activity. Without the designing, no products that can be produced base on our planning or it can be different with our wish [3]. Even more, we cannot produce a thing if we do not have any designs of shape, size, and the format of it.

Moreover, the most important thing in studying engineering drawing is how we can imagine the shape of the real things in the picture [4]. Not only the shape of the real things, but also the size, and the way to create them must be analyzed by using engineering drawing [5]. Picture 1. Assembly of fan There are many steps that engineer must doing for completing a design, includes : information gathering, idea generation, concept enhancement and design visualization. Information gathering is the first step before engineers do their design. The main purpose of information gathering is to determine the information requirements of a product.

Engineers gathering the data and information from many sources, such as books, internet, journal, etc. For the example, if we want to make a fan, the first step we must do is collecting data and information about the components of the fan. The key components of fan are electrical motor, blades, flywheel, rotor, downrod, mounting bracket and decorative housing. After we do information gathering, we move to the second step, generate idea. In this step, we explore the idea through the hand-writing sketch and also the comprehension to the projection.

We are required to be able to point out our idea into the sketch. Based on the example, in this step, we need to point out our idea how the model of the fan that we want to make on sketch. This sketch has an important role to the next step because if we can not create our idea into the first sketch, we can’t gain the real design of fan which will be produced. The third step, concept enhancement is emphasize how this design picture or design product can fill the standards set, either national standards or international standards.

There are so many kind of standard code for example DIN, ANSI, JIS, AS, BS, but for the international standard we use ISO (International Standards Organization). Even though concept enhancement should be done using tools directly, we must studying and knowing about national and international standard using. For the example in this case, we must know how to make a fan with international standard such as from the speed of the propeller, the number of blades that be used and etc. And the last process in engineering drawing is design visualization.

In this process we have to make design drawing fit to the situation of the real product. Because the design of the product will be useless if the design is not created into the real and tangible thing. In this step, high skill is needed. Visualization design should be carried out using modern tools, like computers. That’s because sometimes in visualization design we make some mistakes. So, by using modern tools we can reduce our costs and save our time. Computer has many software to design drawing. For example AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop CS 3, Light Zone 1. , Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, Adobe Photoshop Element, Ulead Photolmpact, Pain Buster, PhotoPlus, The GIMP, Magic Phot Clinic, Picasa, Photobie.

From 4 steps above, we can conclude that engineering drawing has important role in the industrial engineering as a way to communicate products between everyone in purpose or between companies either national or international. Because by engineering drawing, we can make a product become communicative, affective and accurate. Also, with engineering drawing, we have facilitate to make a new idea, a new creativity and improvement product or anything.

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The Importance of Engineering Drawing

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