The Importance of Effective Communication in the Nursing Profession

In nursing, communication is a vital tool since it helps in the flow of information in two primary levels. The first level is communication between patient and the nurse and the second level is communication among professionals. First, it is vital to acknowledge the fact that no severe communication challenge was witnessed during the entire period of care. However, there were instances where the flow of information was slow due to one reason or another. For example, there was an instance where a doctor was not accessible as he was attending to another patient in the operation room.

The two communication skills that were essential included verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication skills had fewer challenges since there was no instance of the language barrier. In most cases, the messages delivered using this skill was fast, accurate and reliable. The non verbal communication skill was common among the different professionals.

This was done in the form of reports and letters. Listening and reading are also essential communication skills that nurses require.

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It is crucial to interpreting information after listening or reading. Finally, a personal relationship plays a vital role in facilitating a communication process. Effective flow of information can only be realized among parties that have established excellent personal relations. The hospital facility provided an adequate environment for the care of patients. This support ranged from adequate staff with different areas of expertise as well as experience. Even though they we communication in the nursing practice. Without the efficient flow of information, many errors can occur which may affect the patient outcomes.

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e on their normal duties, the collaborative management approach was commendable. This was supported by a quick flow of information and quick response in cases of emergencies. One of the vital lessons acquired from this study is the need for effective.

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