The Importance of Christmas Essay

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The Importance of Christmas

I. Summary:

Vilma plays Seth, a woman who runs a boarding house in a middle-class community in the city. Her father, Odong (Robert Arevalo), is successfully treated for his post-stroke condition by a faith healer named Elsa (Daria Ramirez). Because of this, 5 of Seth’s friends (and neighbors) convince her to bring them to Elsa so that they may also get their various illnesses treated. Seth’s son, Jed (Martin del Rosario), also brings along his half-sister Cookie (Kim Chiu) so her kidney condition could be cured. After the day of the healing, each person treated by Elisa dies of strange and violent circumstances. Before each death, Seth would be visited by a crow and a puzzling vision of her friend’s doppelganger. II. Identify and explain the basic Filipino Values

The film showed about the belief of most Filipinos about “faith Healing.” Most Filipinos believe in this because there are times it was proven effective. But also, there are some who believe they are healed because of their faith that they would be healed and not because of the healer.

III. Analyze/ asses the values portrayed by the characters * Vilma Santos (Seth) – who first believe that faith healing is effective and brought her comrades to the faith healer. * Daria Ramirez (Manang Elsa) – the faith healer who performs the healing and prescribes herbal medicine. * Martin del Rosario ( Jed) – Seth’s perturbed son who asks Seth to bring Cookie, his half sister to be brought to the healer. * Kim Chui ( Cookie) – suffered from renal disease called G Glomerulonephritis and would like to be brought to Manang Elsa.

* Pokwang ( Alma ) – one of Seth’s neighbour who went to the faith healer because of a growth on her foot that prevents her to migrate in Dubai. * Cris Villanueva ( Ding) – one of Seth’s neighbour who went to the faith healer because of suffering from a skin disease called psoriasis * Ynez Veneracion ( Greta) – one of Seth’s neighbour who went to the faith healer because of a lump in her breast * Ces Quesada (Chona), who suffers from goiter

* Abby Bautista ( Cacai) – one of Seth’s neighbour who went to the faith healer because of her blindness.
* Allan Paule ( Ruben) – Greta’s husband
* Janice de Belen ( Cita) – Cacai’s mother
* Simon Ibarra ( Rex) – Chona’s husband
* Joel Torre ( Melchor) – Manang Elsa’s assistant and brother
* Jhong Hilario ( Dario) – the one who let Manang Elsa risen from the dead.

IV. Conclusion

In the end of the story, the only person remained alive from all of that have been healed was Cookie. The doppelganger was not able to posses her because Seth and Jed was there to get rid of it. And before the doppelganger could successfully possess Cookie, Melchor have killed Dario by shooting him dead and cutting the curse. The doppelgangers disappear, the bloodshed ceases, and Melchor is pinned down by police officers. Seth and Jed who are now free from the curse’s reign of terror shake the unconscious Cookie, who wakes up for one final scare.

V. Recommendation

When we are in times of helplessness, and where there is no one we can run on to, we are force to pursue to the superstitious beliefs that are trusted by most. “ Wala naming mawawala sa’yo kung susubukan eh” they may say. But as a people of new generation, concerning with health, we must believe in things that was proven true and effective. Also, we must not put our faith on a person here on earth but we must lay it on the Man who left this earth for our own sake. He gave us this life and so we must trust to Him everything.

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