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The Importance of Building Culture in Your Organization Essay

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With its development, the society has always eliminated individuals who do not create their characteristics. Similarly, an organization wants to survive, must create their own culture. It is true that organizational culture. Corporate culture is one of the most significant elements to develop a group. Disneyland is a typical example of the efficiency of corporate culture in an organization. This essay consists of three parts. The first is a general introduction to Disneyland and its culture. Explain the specific benefits of this culture regarding promoting its strategy.

Secondly, some methods that Disney land wants its employees to behave as they do. Finally, the dedication of the staff to Disney land and the basis of this commitment.

Overview of Disneyland and its culture

Disneyland is the first of two theme parks built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.тDisneyland’s organizational culture in three levels of culture. They are artifacts, espoused value, and basic assumptions. Artifacts:
Disneyland has some unique rules to recruit employees.

These employees are single, good looking mostly white females and males in their early twenties, average height, below average weight, clean, natural and polished face. There are few, representative minorities. Almost minority staffs are close copies of the standard model Disneyland. Disneyland has some unique rules. It is written in a handbook about the image of Disney. The readers can learn something like men has facial hair and long hair that is prohibited. Women do not wear flashy jewelry. Uniforms are an essential part. It shows the image of a group and employee’s pride in the company. Both of them are to look tidy and prim, let their uniform clean, fresh and polish their shoes. Moreover, employees must always smile and happy when interacting with customers.

With some rules, Disneyland attracts more many visitors. The customer feeling Disneyland is a happy place over the world. They feel warm, well-being and welcome everywhere that they come. The surface of the culture does not show real feelings of employees. It is easy to change or influence and very important for Disney’s business.

Espoused values
Disneyland is the self-proclaimed “happiest place on the earth”. The product of Disneyland is emotion “laughter and well-being”. You are dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway”. Creativity, imagination, and dreams become true. Disneyland will never complete. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world. there are no rides at Disneyland, only “attractions” Disney itself is a “park”, not amusement center. There are no accidents, only incidents in Disney. Employees are convinced that they are happy at work. It’s the way of finding social identifiers in Disney.

Basic assumptions

The spiritual level
It means all of the corporate staffs have the common view of the internal and external environment of enterprise in the long-term work experience. It includes the common acknowledge assumptions.
The rule: “once a sweeper, always a sweeper.”
Movement across jobs doesn’t occur in the park management in Disney.
The rules: “the customer is king”
Employee demeanor is governed by three aspects: smile, friendly and good- mannered. Disney management has a strict and complicated social hierarchy.
The rule: “ the Romanesque”
The employees are told repeatedly that if they are happy and cheerful at work. The manger in the park thinks everyone is a child at heart when at Disneyland.
1. Socialization- incoming identities are set aside while employees are trained in the use of new identities of the situational sort.

2. Work culture- Giving least possibilities of experiments to ride operators.

3. Emotional management- aside training, it involves strong self-monitoring skills of employees.

4. Strong hierarchical structure.

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