The Importance of Being Culturally Competent

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The benefits of being culturally competent with a patients as a case manager is very meaningful. Dealing with clients from religions and ethnicities from all over the world can be hard to understand their backgrounds and language if your not culturally competent with many different people. For example “ Cultural competence and related concepts are defined and applied in the context of case management. A number of required skills for educating case managers for culturally competent practice are presented. Becoming culturally competent is a developmental process involving self-awareness, understanding others from a cultural frame of reference, and acquiring the skills to provide culturally relevant and culturally sensitive practice.

”(Rogers, 1995) This example got to the point, getting the details and a fair message across the board for self awareness with an individual’s culture can be crucial when evaluating this patient or client.

Teaching case managers how to use their values and skills can help knowledge of the appropriate matter be more clear and relevant.

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An assessment is reviewed and talked through thoroughly to Running Head: How important is Cultural Competence? 3 the patient when the client is being opened to case management. Case manager have to be open minded and realize the norms when health care is involved. There bigger concern is that the case manager understands that this patient is an individual and has their own beliefs along with family cultural beliefs. Not often does this come into play but the cultural beliefs that one has can conflict with a treatment plan or a different option that is offered.

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If this happens the case manager should be open minded and ask the client if there is a different way they can treat them within their culture limits. If the patient has no interest with any other treatment plan, the case manager has to give them the correct information on what could happen to he/she and the effects that it could cause without the treatment suggested buy the case manager.

Every patient has the right to know their causes and effects sense the Patient Act Rights of 2001 was announced. After explaining the effects without treatment this should be done in a professional matter such as not persuading the patient to get the treatment when the case manager is giving the information. Overall the client has the choice whether to take the treatment of not to take the treatments. In conclusion, Cultural competence is eye opening to me because case management is what I intend on following up for my occupation. Being a case manager comes with so many responsibilities. There will be individuals that have different beliefs then you due to culture and how one has been raises. This is where you have to accept what they believe and not persuade them in a direction towards your beliefs but educate them and let them be aware of options and in the end support their decision.

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