The Importance in Education Essay

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The Importance in Education

Education is more than book knowledge, homework, or getting good grades; it opens the door to success. Education is considered to be one of the most important feature someone could ever have. The benefits that come from it are innumerable. There are many reasons why education is such an important part of life. It allows us to get a much higher paying job, it teaches us to be more responsible, it changes us into something that is much better, and it gives us a better understanding of the world. Doctors, Police officers, Firemen: these are some careers that we have said we wanted to become when we were younger. Personally I wanted to become a princess. What most of these have in common is that they all require higher education. Going to college to get that degree will not be easy, but it all pays off when you put on that uniform. Most teenagers around the ages of 16 get their first ever job. Having a job is great once you think about the money you earn but they will start off with minimum wage. Minimum wage is the lowest hourly, daily or monthly payment that employers must legally pay to the workers. Money is money but nobody wants to get paid 7.25 dollars an hour for the rest of their lives. This is where education comes in. High education is essential when it comes to getting that dream job.

Growing up I didn’t care about anything related to school. I thought doing all the work was pointless and was getting me nowhere. I loved to learn new things though. I taught myself many things like playing the piano or tying my shoes; school was different. I was being forced to wake up at 6 o’clock every morning to memorize equations and dates. Donna Krache, who works with CNN, states “Every year, over 1.2 million students drop-out of high school in the United States. The number one reason why students are dropping out is simply because “school is not interesting” (Krache, 5). Education is not about forcing to put things into your head, but to motivate it. The purpose of education is to create a better person and also a better environment. Receiving a good education helps to encourage you, therefore making you a stronger person. You will be more mindful and more responsive to the world. We the community can change for the greater good of mankind. Education helps us understand ourselves better and helps us plan ahead. It helps you figure out who you really are and what you want to become. Not only will education bring you smarts but it will also bring you happiness. The importance of educational knowledge for a student is to give them the control over their own learning, to realize that they have the power to create, and to understand life.

Students will see that knowledge is a doorway to a better society and its culture. It is important that everyone have the opportunity to learn within the comfort of that they know best and to be confirmed in who they are. Education is one of the most important events that we have to go through in our life. It is the reason why the world is where it is today. All of these progresses and inventions would have never been achieved if it was not for educated people. It helped the society to make smarter and better choices. Education begins at birth and ends at death. The cure to diseases or the findings of a new invention would never exist without the right knowledge. It supplies the people with morals, beliefs, skills and knowledge that they can use throughout their lives. According to Sandy Baum, NY Times newspaper publisher, “Education is good for many things in today’s world. College experiences help people to truly find themselves through personal growth. Higher education will expose you to people, ideas, and topics that you would never encounter in high school or any other grade.” What Sandy was saying throughout the article was that education helps you to become more independent and to start your own life.

Our society is more advanced than it ever was before. Technology is part of our everyday life and it has developed so much over the past ten years. Education will help us understand it better and even make it even more advance in the future. Education calls for determining the skills, knowledge, and habits of that students should be able to demonstrate in order to prepare for life after graduation.

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