The Impacts of Instagram on Women's Body Image

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Per your request, I am submitting my topic proposal of an informational report on the impacts Instagram has had on the body image of women. The report will focus on the psychological effects, body image impacts, and the correlation between Instagram and the unrelenting global success of cosmetic and plastic surgery businesses; how it has contributed to that success. This report will incorporate the psychological impacts like deterioration of self-esteem, fueled depression, and the rise of eating disorders. It will also entail analysis of the perpetuation of the unhealthy and unrealistic body images Instagram continuously depicts, its role in perpetuating unattainable beauty standards, and the extreme measures young women ages 13-35 have taken to fit into the “mold” of those beauty standards.

I believe that my extensive work plan and my enthusiasm to inform young women will help me complete the research report.


The issue with Instagram is that it doesn’t portray the truth or realism; instead, it promotes and perpetuates unrealistic body images of young women.

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Instagram has become a significant concern for the health of teens and young females. Active users have zero control over what they see on their feed. Often, the set up of the feed is categorized by what’s trending, the most liked posts, and of the hottest celebs. Hence, many teens and young women spend an average of 2 hours on Instagram daily. Most of that time is spent looking at celebs, like models and actresses posts, mainly constituting of their beauty regimes, dietary options, and excessive workout videos.

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For many young females, it’s unconsciously telling them this is what beautiful looks like, “pretty hurts.” Pretty shouldn’t hurt, nor should it come with a manual from celebs advising their followers to follow their “sworn by tips,” it’s ridiculous.

Also, the majority of the posts on Instagram are airbrushed, photoshopped, face-tuned, or taken by a professional like photographers; yet, celebs prefer their followers to think that’s how they look in real life. They aren’t informing them that the photos have been altered to fit the “ideal body image,” considered a norm; henceforth, Instagram’s insensitivity of its impact, reinforces the perpetuation of unrealistic body images. Not to mention, the stricter guidelines it sets on average users with moderate followers than it does on massed pages.


Because I am writing an information research report directly to Instagram, what better people have the power to change it? Informing them and providing evidence of Instagram’s contribution to the rise of psychological effects like eating disorders, self-esteem and body image impacts of young women over the years will hopefully encourage them to take action to change the functions of the app to a safer positive experience. Some ideas/steps Instagram can implement to reduce its negative impact on the body image of young women are, age restricting content, taking notice of extremely unhealthy diet/plastic surgery pages marketing unhealthy tips and products and take them down, add an icon that tells celeb followers when pictures are photoshopped/ airbrushed, and ascertain the eligibility of influencers; many claim the name to gain followers.


My informational research report will be read by a multifaceted audience consisting of Instagram’s director as the decision-maker, top/middle managers as the advisors, and first-line employees as the implementers; each of them will have their purpose in asking different questions that will be answered throughout the report. Such individuals will play a pivotal role in executing problem-solving strategies towards a safer, more trustworthy app. As the decision-maker, Instagram’s director will decide if any changes should shouldn’t be implemented. He’s going to ask complex questions like, what are the proposed changes. How will making a change affect the apps current vision statement? How can the app’s design team come up with ideas to strategically gain, a bigger audience/active users while making the app safer? Lastly, how will such a large change that limits individuals control of posts impact the platform’s reputation and its audience?

The advisors: Top and middle managers like head designers of Instagram’s layout and functions, will advise the director, which change is feasible. They will work together to validate the credibility of my research, and then brainstorm ways for change. Questions they will ask are, what plans are executable, and will they comply with the company’s policies? Are the changes long or short term? How will the changes affect users overall experience?

Finally, the implementers, like support specialists, will ask, can we make users experience better? How do we effectively and efficiently take care of reported problems, like spam and abuse? Which provision of services are we lacking?

Work Plan

I have taken the time to create an extensive plan that’ll reach a large mass of females to get their intake on how Instagram has impacted their views of their bodies. I decided to meet with the principal, to discuss the impacts Instagram has on the body images of female student’s grades 912; he has given me 3 days to speak with the girls during their gym hours to discuss those negative impacts and their ideas for possible solutions. I have created a set of survey questions for them to answer, to illustrate a graphical analysis, of how deeply rooted Instagram is in their day to day lives. In addition to using HFC’s Wilson/EBSCO database to get psychology references like academic journals, reports, scientific studies, and articles; I have gotten in contact with a psychiatric nurse to give me in-depth information on mental health.


I am deeply passionate about informing young women about the impacts Instagram has had on their views of their body image. I hope that through this research report I’m able to make a difference in the way any female views her body and uses social media; I hope Instagram takes the time to invest in innovating its functions to make them eco-friendly.

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