The Impact of World War One on Great Britain, France, and Japan, and Their Responses to It

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World War I was truly a global conflict and it had major repercussions which included the destruction of the European economy, ruined diplomatic relations among Western states, and weakened political systems in many countries. This was definitely the case in Britain, Four years of war had killed of a huge percentage of its population
and youth. They had huge debts that needed to be paid off and they relied on U.S. loans, however they fell into a depression once the market collapsed in America in October 1929.

Just when it seemed as if their problems couldn’t get any worse, movements for independence began in Africa and Asia. However, women’s rights greatly improved in
Britain after the war. Post-war legislation granted women suffrage, and the declining birthrate allowed them to develop new leisure habits and less restrictive fashions. They began to smoke and drink in public and enjoyed new dance crazes. ‘The war opened up new paths for women that they did not have before.

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France was especially devastated from the war, Entire sections of the country lay in ruins. Along with the huge amount of destroyed property, there were huge numbers of casualties. The government did not tax its people enough to pay for the war, which destroyed the economy. Overtime, the economy of France seemed to have recovered by
1925, however inflation had produced many fears, which in turn limited the ability of the government to respond to other problems.

When Japan entered the war fighting for the Allied side, it had hoped to add to its empire.

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After the war at the Treaty of Versailles they received parts of China, however they had hoped for more. Although the war led to hard times for the country, the 1920s produced new cultural developments, an expanding economy and a short period of liberal
democracy. In the 19* century agriculture steadily improved, and rapid advances were made in the silk, electrical, iron and coal industries. Life expectancy improved in Japan and workers began to attend movies and read newspapers. Education also became very important as primary school became more important along with secondary schools and colleges. As the Depression took its toll on Japan, the country used dictatorial rule in an attempt to recover from its economic hardships. In the 1930s, the military gained a great deal of power, replacing the civilian politicians in the highest posts of government. They were lacking raw materials, which were crucial for its industrial needs. Japan already had control of Taiwan and Korea, but they wanted Northeast China as well. In 1931, Japan invaded Manchuria, which led to protests in the League of Nations, however they kept their territory and left the league.

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