The Impact of the Withdrawal of the United States Troops in Iraq on the Empowerment of Iran

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Justification for the chosen topic:

Withdrawal of United States troops during the 2011 sparked diversity of International debates and one of the most common is the belief that it’s a triumph for Iran. The chosen research question is short and direct, with rich academia resource access and is doable regards to amount of time I could assign to this project. There isn’t any scholar effort completed in my chosen research area – that means it doesn’t duplicate other scholars and would shine a new light on contemporary understanding of a research question.

I hope it could contribute to an International Relations field and would be a valuable guidance to other scholars who would be concerned in a further research on a topic. It’s a passionately challenged topic for both policy makers and citizens alike.

I have a vast interest in the chosen topic, my Foreign Policy and conflict attentiveness began with essays which I’m obsessive about. I believe this research question is significant to International Relations necessities and would correspondingly progress my knowledge which will be crucial for Master’s degree.

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I would want to highlight that I predominantly admire Dr. Michael Breen for particular specialism in an International Relations and Security and Conflict Studies area. Dr. Michael Breen is the Programme Director of the Masters in International Security and Conflict Studies and International Relations; therefore I’m persuaded that he is the finest candidate as a supervisor for a research project. Dr Michael Breen lectures are sensational and his enthusiasm on International Security and Conflict is remarkable.

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I’m committed to invest my all academic capital in this project, stick with the topic throughout the research and in return experience an actual perception of a scientific investigation. I believe at the end of the research project the discussions about the effect of U.S. withdrawal from Iraq on Iran’s empowerment would be presented with concise conclusions and as mentioned before offer a strong basis for further research in a related academic area for scholars.

Research Project Methodology:

Evaluative case study of U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and its impact on Iran’s empowerment will be necessary. I will conduct an empirical study, literature based research to evaluate of what does research literature in International Relations field expresses about the influence of U.S. army in Iraq on Iran’s empowerment. This project will be generally based on a literature review, literature will be reviewed from an exceptional angle and I will distinguish specific themes to produce a unique review. In this case I don’t need to be reliant on a data collection, which is advantageous in terms of time I can distribute to this project.

Sources such as; media articles, books, journals, official records etc. will be used to augment my findings. Empirical qualitative research will allow me to analyse behaviour of Iran prior to American withdrawal from Iraq and post – withdrawal to see if any changes followed and what they indicate. Empirical observation will be favourable in testing an inquiry of how influential withdrawal from Iraq was on Iran’s empowerment. As mentioned formerly I will analyse Iran’s behaviour before and afterward U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, therefore longitudal research will be involved. A solid library research will be involved with immense analysis of significant records and policy documents to discover a response to a research inquiry.

Chapter Structure:

Title Page: It will be a representative of my done research. (30 words)

Abstract: Enlighten what are the implications of my research and should stand – out as an independent document. (300 words)

Acknowledgements: Individuals who contributed and assisted me throughout the dissertation. (50 words)

Content Pages: Navigation of dissertation. (100 words)

Introduction: Clarify project’s aim; describe how I will organise dissertation and what conclusion will be comprised of. (1000 words)

Literature Review: This section will examine the present academic work which will bring me motives for explaining the research question, hypothesis will be specified at the end of a Literature Review. (2000 words)

Methodology: It will examine the hypothesis, distinguish dependent and independent variables, observable implications and identify analysis which will be used. It will measure and estimate dissertation’s restrictions and strengths. This section will evaluate why I prefer a particular methodology and how it was deployed in the research. It will also explain how methodology communicates to dissertation and at the end clarify how my research fills a hole in International Relations field. (1500)

Discussion and Findings: Point out what previous research process adds up to, I’m an expert and have a right to be heard. Transport results and discussions together, overview the results and details. Evaluate my research in order to demonstrate in which context it’s positioned, elucidate what my research supplements to the literature. Limitations of research and how they disturb my findings will be presented and implications of findings for research theories and practice will be reported. (4000 words)

Conclusion: Recapitulate chief research themes and provide a thought synthesis on the main thesis. Strengths and weaknesses of the research project will be investigated. (1000 words)

References: Harvard referencing style.

Appendices: Everything what potential readers would want to grasp, such as; maps and diagrams, they will be excepted from a text in order to don’t disrupt its flow.

Challenges to overcome:

Few core challenges to overcome include; Narrowing down the scope of interest and choosing one research question which is doable for the timeframe available, receiving access to specific policy and proposal documents to analyse sensitive matters will be challenging and time consuming, and the last challenge is time pressure – it will be challenging to balance dissertation with other assignments and endure concentrated under constant time pressure throughout the dissertation research.

Timetable for completion:

Literature review from November 20 till January 22, Methodology from January 22 till February 6, Discussions and Findings from February 6 till March 6, Introduction from March 6 till March 11, Conclusion from March 11 till March 18, Abstract from March 18 till March 21, Acknowledgements from March 21 till March 24, Contents Page from March 24 till March 25, editing from March 25 till March 31, Submitting March 31.

How it differs from an ISP:

In dissertation I will use qualitative analysis, whereas throughout ISP I used mixed method analysis and currently examination of the chosen topic will be more thorough. During ISP my core objective was to achieve a high grade and gain knowledge of chosen theme, on top of that I also hope that currently my dissertation will contribute to literature. Dissertation has shorter time frame, which will maximise pressure, but during ISP project I was unfamiliar with research procedures and didn’t have a supervisor who would be dedicated to my preferred theme, therefore I hope current dissertation will be produced at its highest standards. Last and most important difference is that ISP and dissertation are focused on entirely diverse themes.

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