The Impact of the Institution of Medicine (IOM) report

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The Institution of Medicine (IOM) report: “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” focuses on transforming education, practice, and leadership of nursing and health care. Since Health care is more complex a higher educated nurse is expected for patient care and patient outcomes. The IOM reports that nurses should maintain a leadership role and become policy makers for health care to help lower costs. It also reports that Primary Care needs to integrate with Public health for promoting health and the well-being of all people.

The impact of the IOM report on nursing education states that the way nurses were educated during the 20th century are no longer adequate. Dealing with health care in the 21st century is more complex. The patient’s needs are changing along with the care environment. Competencies for nursing including leadership, health policy, system improvement, research, collaboration, and evidence-based practice are important. Being competent in specific areas like public health and geriatrics is rising fast.

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The IOM suggest a higher education for nurses to meet the new complex needs of patient’s and communities that are arising. Nursing schools have had to add to their curriculum because of the rapid growth of health care and higher level of competencies.

The Impact of the IOM report on the nurse’s role as a leader is important for critical thinking and quality improvement. This leads to better patient outcomes. Since nurses act as patient advocates they also want to them to partnership with physicians and the health care professionals to redesign health care.

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This would explain why all nurses must be leaders in design, implementation and evaluation. They want nurses to partnership to redesign health care to lower costs to the patient and providers. IOM also reports that public, private, and governmental health care decision makers should ensure that leadership positions are available to and filled by nurses while the colleges and universities should prepare them. IOM wants the nurse to become leaders and policy makers for health care in the United States.

The Impact of IOM report on nursing practice, particularly in primary care wants to focus on goals of promoting the two disciplines of health and well being of all people. Although these are two separate disciplines they need to be integrated together just as primary care and public health. Public health offers a broad array of services to communities and hundreds of people to help them stay healthy. Primary care offers medical services to individual patients with immediate health care needs with chronic illnesses. They both have common goals to improving people’s health. They want a leadership to bridge disciplines, programs, jurisdictions and collaborative data and analysis as principles with the core principles being improving population health and addressing its needs. Primary care and Public health need to collaborate together to improve better health results for all people. This will essentially lower health care costs for providers and patients.

How would I change my practice to meet the goals of the IOM report? I am assuming I worked in a primary care health care setting at this time. I would try to focus on projects that would integrate primary care and public health. Working with the public health center and providing patient data to help with lowering health care costs and improving patient health. I would also hold free clinic health fairs on chronic diseases for the public. This would help with preventive care for the patients that would also lead to less hospital and doctor visits. Hospitals where I live already do this but doctor offices and clinics do not. I think this would help with collaborating primary care and public health.

After reading the IOM report on these concerns I am glad that I decided to go back to obtain a higher education. It is a fact that a higher education and becoming a leader in nursing will improve patient outcomes and patient health. The colleges and Universities are changing their curriculum for nursing programs to meet the new demands of health care. The bigger picture in lowering costs of health care is integrating public health and primary care. Becoming a Nurse Practitioner and working in primary care setting I will try to pilot programs for my own community providing date to the public to improve the public health and not just my primary patients and their immediate illnesses.

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