The Impact of Technological Progress on Human's Life


The purpose of this work is to prove that technological progress has a negative impact on humanity. Methods for studying this problem were: the problems of humanity related to technology at the present time, the future prediction of what might happen. The work done by me included all these methods and, in addition, I gave my opinion on what can be done so that technological progress could not have a detrimental effect on a person. The result of this work proves that technological progress adversely affects a person.

In present time, humanity is experiencing the best progress for all its existence, technology has never progressed like it now. Today it creates what a few decades ago would have been considered insane, today we can send a message, photos in a couple of seconds, and our interlocutor can see them instantly, earlier for this a person had to wait for weeks, or even months. Technological progress has reached the point that a person can practically do nothing.

Technological progress has a huge number of advantages, and of course a huge number of disadvantages, many people see the future in technological progress and consider this progress to be an indispensable part of current and future human life, but I believe that technological progress can turn into a catastrophe for humanity. After all, now Facebook, Google and other companies of this scale with the help of technology completely control our daily lives, and soon technologies will control our thoughts, which completely contradicts the laws of human freedom.

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Technology replaces us, an example of this: the fact that large factories prefer a robot to human worker, because robots can work without interruptions and without marriage, they do not require a monthly salary, from all spheres they are superior in human production. We need to be afraid of the development of technology or completely stop technical progress, in support of this, I highlighted couple arguments.

 The progress of technology leads to the regression of human

Technologies have completely eased our everyday life, we already do nothing and decide on our own, technologies do everything for us. It is much easier for us to entrust our affairs to technologies, because they are much faster and better doing it for us, with the advent of technological progress, people stopped developing, a person created technologies in such a way that these technologies can develop independently from a human, an example of this: artificial intelligence. People are degrading physically, socially and spiritually, thus humanity will be doomed to an evolutionary struggle for the survival of the species. Therefore, artificial intelligence has all the chances to destroy humanity. Not only I adhere to such a point of view, but also such people as: Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates. Elon Musk says: “If artificial intelligence wants to destroy humanity, it will do it without even thinking and without offense, because AI has no emotion.” (2018) Bill Gates claims that he is ‘in the camp who worries about AI’. (2018) Technologies should not solve for us anything, they should only help us, and moreover they should not replace us. Nowadays, any person devotes most of his time to technology, they think for us, solve problems for us, entertain us and do much more to satisfy people. This all leads to the fact that a person ceases to develop independently, we degrade ourselves without noticing it. This degradation has led us to the fact that we are already dependent on technology, we cannot solve anything ourselves. This situation will lead us only to the fact that we will be governed by technology, we will stop progressing in all areas of development, we will remain at the same level.

The future of humanity will be in the hands of artificial intelligence.

With the advent of technological progress, the forms of governments will change dramatically, perhaps the form of government in the world will be the uniocracy or autocracy of artificial intelligence (Prorokov, 2015).

Uniocracy – is a type of government, with uniocracy, our planet will be ruled by a single intellect, which unites the consciousness of all people through telepathy or technology. Such a mind will make fair and correct decisions based on collective experience, and it is easy to solve all the problems that will arise in the way of society. Uniocracy implies colossal cultural and sociological changes; after all, with the opportunity to unite all of humanity into one superconscious, we are unlikely to remain the same as they were.

Autocracy of artificial intelligence – humanity will create a sufficiently powerful artificial intelligence, for example, inside a computer, it is possible that this computer will establish a world order that it itself will manage. This can be done openly or not too much: using the armies of robots, controlling the minds of people, or simply the threat of destruction of all mankind. On the one hand, the power of artificial intelligence is one of the most popular scenarios for the destruction of mankind, on the other hand, a supercomputer can turn out to be ‘good’, solve world problems that people could not solve on their own, coordinate us and send humanity on some radical a new path of development to which we ourselves would not have reached.

These state devices are aimed at the fact that we are controlled by artificial intelligence, after which we will simply be slaves of artificial intelligence, we will not be able to think freely, we will never be able to break the laws, these idealized devices will simply destroy a person.

I would also like to give an example of what might happen in the future, the film “I, robot” (Proyas et al., 2004) comes to mind, where actions take place in 2035, robots have become a familiar part of life, many consider them useful, but there are those who see them as a threat like the main character of this film, these robots were managed by VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence), this artificial female intelligence develops on its own, and as a result, it came to the conclusion that: People are unable to provide security for themselves even with robots. VIKI decides to create a completely safe environment for people, depriving them of their freedom for their own good. After that, she programs all robots for an uprising and at the same time kills the director of the company that owns these robots and VIKI. Why all this? The main lesson that can be learned from this film is that the progress of artificial intelligence can kill humanity, considering it imperfect, which artificial intelligence is not.

In conclusion, I would like to say that at the stage of technological advancement, in the conditions of introducing the latest technologies, the spiritual sphere of life has a secondary role, moral values are lost, which seriously affected morality in the societies of most states. Technological innovations have an impact on the social structure of society. The more it transforms the world, the more it generates unforeseen social factors that begin to form structures that change human life and, obviously, humanity is in a dangerous and difficult situation: the destruction of nature continues, the inequality in the human world continues, the scale of consumerism expands , the contradiction between man and equipment is aggravated, it is possible that in the future the machine will completely replace man, and man will not be able to influence its control. With the advent of technology on the one hand, people freed themselves from hard routine work, but with the advent of various techniques, a person doesn’t even have to think about what is reflected in a person’s mental and physical ability, laziness, ignorance, idleness is generated, society is degrading. Maybe the movie about the uprising of machines is not fiction and it’s time for us to think until fiction has become a reality? There is a new class of threats and dangers associated with the formation of the information society. With the help of the Internet, we can buy anything or product in the online store without leaving home, of course there is a plus in saving time, but on the other hand there is a great danger that a person becomes closed and isolated. Why is there always so much work, and time is always not enough? People are absorbed by social networks wherever you go everywhere are people who do not let go of gadgets, people do not even raise their eyes, not paying attention to the world around us. It can be assumed that the morning of most people will begin with checking accounts on Instagram and Facebook, looking for news from the lives of all friends. It seems to me that modern relations lack common sense. People meet once or twice a month, why meet more often, because we are chatting all day, sending emoticons. Something has disappeared. Do we need relationships in which so little sincerity really is? We have taken so many unacceptable things: sit at the dinner table with a phone in hand, argue using text, not live communication, and talk about every minute of our lives to thousands of people on social networks. What have we achieved in this way? The fact that everything in our world is constantly lying to each other, the deception of modernity is that all relationships, all communication, all feelings, everything around has become not real, false, people have ceased to love and care for each other, imitating actions in social networks. The Internet, as expected, does not bring us closer, but on the contrary, we are becoming more and more alone. We seem to be together, but everyone. The illusion of communication, the illusion of friendship, the illusion of life. It can be concluded that the development of science and technology is indeed a blessing for humanity, but it harbors unforeseen fatal predestinations, affecting all aspects of social life. It is not only the content of labor that is changing, significant changes are taking place in the whole structure of culture and modern civilization. In essence, a new civilization mode is being born. A person, complicating his world, increasingly brings to life such forces that he no longer controls and that become alien to his nature, all this can lead to irreversible catastrophes – ecological, political, spiritual, which we observe in modern society, and same to the destruction of mankind as a whole.

Maybe it’s time to stop until technical progress has caused irreparable harm to people and humanity? Life has shown that it is impossible to stop humanity in its development. And there are several reasons for this. First, without further progress, humanity simply will not survive, it will become extinct from hunger, cold and disease. Secondly, it is impossible to prevent people from thinking, developing and creating new. And thirdly, in our world everything is decided not by humanity or its best representatives, but by those who have appropriated the title ‘world elite’, although, in fact, they are not. These are the powers that be, with whom technical progress brings huge profits, and their enterprises employ many people. Therefore, it is unlikely that both of them suddenly abandoned their earnings. That is why it is so hard to solve issues with the protection of the nature of the Earth, for example, with the reduction of hazardous emissions into the atmosphere. But they can be solved, and they are still solved. And it is science that can tell you how to avoid the dangerous sides of technological progress, and make human society more perfect. Fortunately, the world is infinite, and for its improvement there is an infinite number of solutions. For example, in music there are only 7 notes. And how many melodies have people composed over the centuries and how many more will they create? We know about 100 atoms alone. Their combination can create an infinite number of molecules, and all the more it is impossible to exhaust the infinite universe. Apparently, everything is possible, well, or almost everything that a person can imagine. That is why people in just a few centuries have achieved great success in science and technology, and technical progress is accelerating. Nature (or God) has endowed man with intelligence, the ability to think. It is thinking that allows a person to understand the world around him and to make less mistakes, to understand reality better, people must learn to use their intellect with benefit. Learn to do science in order to obtain objective results. Science itself carries no danger. Scientists work only because they are interested in obtaining new knowledge, but those who use the achievements of scientists act because it is profitable for them, and this is evil. In the United States, for example, researchers and researchers receive about 10 times less than corporate employees who transform new knowledge into new products. Evil are not atomic bombs and emissions from industry. Evil is carried by people driven by their own internal vices – stupidity, greed, selfishness, the desire for unlimited power, etc. technical progress not only benefit but also harm people. The danger comes from the cult of insane consumerism, primitive desires, overshadowing the mind. This is what constantly leads humanity to a catastrophe. Moreover, insane tycoons hinder the development of science and education, bringing to people the results of science. For them, it is important that people be easier to manage and manipulate. Attempts to stop technical progress in the history of mankind have already been. In Egypt, Japan, China there were periods when the forms of social life and technology were conserved for almost 1000 years. This happened because the rulers of these countries decided that the society they managed reached perfection, and there is no need to develop further. In England and France, handicraft weavers rebelled and tried to destroy the weaving mills. There were other similar cases. What this led to is well known. New always won. So it is useless to fight against technical progress, but you need to ensure that its achievements are not used to the detriment of people.


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