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The Impact of Stress on Employees Motivation Essay

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Background of the Study

Stress Management is defines a set of skills which enables one to manage, recover ,helps one in coping with the deficiencies .These types of skills or techniques helps one to develop himself/herself in difficult times.( Jonathan.C.Smith,2002). Stress can be called as the physical as well as mental response to things, feelings , places or people. Stress is caused by things called as stressors, which can be internal or external. An internal stressor comprises of feelings or emotions, which causes stress to a person.

Where as , external comprises of external factors such as loosing of parents or close ones which causes stress to a person.( Susan R . Cregson, pg 5-6). The effects of stress can be very harmful to someone’s health or can be life threatening. There are several factors which may lead to increase or create a stress full condition to someone. ( Dorothy.H.G.Cotto, pg-4).

Objectives of the Topic

This research aims to find out what are the factors that are responsible for causing stress to the employees in an organisation, what is the level of stress, measures should be taken against it as it is effecting the performance of the employees.

In order to develop or to be successful, there are many ways to find out the level of stress and its causing factors. To do first identify factors causing stress, suggest or organise plans then implement to make one out of stress.( Jenny Harrison,2002, p.g. 30)

One of the major factor that is causing stress to employee is work overload which may lead one into the condition of bad health, mental break down and so on. To measure such level of stress , one of the method of questionnaire filling can be used, which may result in find out the level of stress on an employees and percentage of stress employee in an organisation.( Carole Spiers , 2003).

Literature Review

A literature review is a frame of text that aims to analysis the critical points of existing information on a particular issue. It is mostly related to science-oriented literature, such as a theory, the literature review generally follows a research proposal, methodology and results section. Its final objective is to provide the reader with all the relevant information along with the existing literature on a topic and methods the basis for a new goal, such as rationalisation for future research in the particular area.

According to (Paula Dwaidowicz) literature review is not a design or model which gives you any theory. It is specially designed to instruct one with the realities of writing process and can use to create strong, potentially through bullet proof literature review.( Paula Dwadowicz, 2010). So here we will analyse or study about stress, types of stress and its impacts on the employees and their performance and motivation.


According to “Jane Cranwell Ward and Alyssa Abbey” stress is not a new issue to talk about, stress occurs when there is imbalance between pressure and handling resources of stress for a particular condition. On the other hand according to “David Fontana” stress can defined as a “demand made by a person on an adaptive capacities of the mind and body”. (David Fontana,1989,pg-3).

“The most commonly accepted definition of stress (mainly attributed to Richard S Lazarus, 1984) is that “stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that “demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.” In short, it’s what we feel when we think we’ve lost control of events”.

Stress Management

“Stress Management refers to the identification and analysis of problems related to stress and the application of variety of therapeutic to alter either the source of stress or the experience of stress”( Dorothy H.G.Collton, 1990).

Types of Stressors

A massive variety of actions can be stressful for a person or another. To attain a better comprehend of stress, theorists have tried to examine the nature of stressful actions and divided them into two subtypes:

“ Accute stressors are threatening events that have relatively of short duration and clear endpoints.”

Second one is “ chronic stressors are threatening events that have a relatively long duration and no readily apparent time limit” ( Doughall and Boum, 2001, pg-75).

According to author ( Zheljasko Hristov,2003, pg-21), there are sveral other types of stressors and one of them is :

“Job characteristics: there are several characteristics which causes stress at work. One is Psychological abuse at work quoted as a stress 88.8% of respondent and there is risk of Physical abuse by 82.7%, whereas working with lot of people also causes stress for 74.9% of respondents”.

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