The Impact of Reading Upon My Life

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When I think about my childhood, I was not the kid who can spend a huge amount of time on sit ting down and enjoy ing a book in my life. The first time I read an English book was in November of ten grade, the book was my birthday’s gift and its name is ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. Not only this book helped me to expand my mind, but it also changed the way I live. The book has in fluenced my reading and writing.

The thought of reading would only interest me when I finished this book, I have enjoyed reading many kinds of books and every single one of them has taught me and brought me a lot of joys and excitements. I have to say that r eading can make me better because reading helps me to learn from other’s mistake, it allow s me to see how other people live, and reading lets me practice how we want to live our lives.

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First of all, when I read the book, I felt unnatural because English was not my mother lounge. I coped with a great deal of challenges such as learning new vocabulary and spelling i n English. I had to search and learn a lot of new words to understand and it took me 2 weeks to finish the book. But it really helped me to enhance my English skills. Talking about the book, at that time I never thought that one day I will bec ome rich because I felt satisfied with my life and all my expenses was paid by my parent .

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The book tells story about Robert Kiyoshaki, who is also the author of the book. In the whole book, he tells about his childhood, he grew up with two fathers, he met the father of his friend who was an rich, clever, talented businessman, unlike his own father who is a teacher. His own father believed that people should earn money from only hard work and life is all about doing diligently. But, when Kiyoshaki met his friend’ father, he had an opposite thought about life.

He believed money is the most powerful and beautiful things in the world. With multiple source of income, unlike Kiyoshaki’s own father, his Rich dad enjoyed his life as a king. The book is about how the author encouraged and motivated hims elf to become rich and choose a way that his own father would never approve. He decided to pursue the way that Rich dad do and his decision was the main re ason for writing the book. The book is truly amazing which inspired me so much and it is worth for me to waste my time to finish the book. The book has a strong impact on my thought that I read it twice. After my second in – depth reading, I realized many th ings about life. Moreover, I had discovered how literacy devices and techniques can make reading powerful and attractive.

Reading should not be considered as awaste of time or a burden, rather it should become a hobby because I cannot deny that reading book bring s me a lot of benefits and opportunities to develop my self-thinking and behavior in my entire life. I also realized if you give any books a chance, you will surely ge t something out of it such as lessons, experience or something like frustrations. Few days after I had finished Rich Dad Poor Dad, I realized that my English reading and writing became immensely better. The book is very long with complicated words and has many interpretations that make it hard to understand that is why I had my dictionary by my side every time I read the book.

Not only has the book helped me to improve my reading abilities, but it also my writing. With a wide variety of vocabulary, the book had given me encouragements t o write and read more and more. The more t hat I read, the more things I will know so reading plays an important role in my life. Reading make s me feel better when I feel stressed out and be under a lot of pressures. After reading countless books, reading is truly my number one inspiration and it i s supportive tool for me to discover myself. By reading everyday, my literacy journey has shaped me into the person I am today.

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The Impact of Reading Upon My Life
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