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The Impact of ICT on an Adult in Employment, Including the Effects on his/her Working Style Essay

I shall be studying and talking about the work-related, social and personal impacts of ICT on an adult in employment. The adult that I shall be investigating will be my uncle, Sajid Kohya. My uncle is a Chartered Accountant working in London. His job includes many things, mainly investigating the culprits of bankrupt businesses. He uses a number of different types of ICT related hardware and software. I will be showing how all this relates to his work-related, social and personal life during his employment.

1. Work-related: Sajid uses many different programs. He uses Microsoft Word to type up reports and affidavits regarding the court cases wherein he is prosecuting or defending. Before he was using the computer, his reports would have been hand written or typed with a typewriter, which would have to be proof read for spelling mistakes. If any were found then the whole document would have to be re-written which is very time-consuming. On a computer, proof reading must be done, but spellings are automatically identified and revealed for the user to amend. An advantage would be that a lot of time preparing is saved to give more time for personal and social time. A disadvantage would be that the files could get corrupted or the files could get lost. It is easy to back this up by using the grandfather, father, son back-up system. So, in evaluation, the computerized system is far better than the old paper-based system because much time is saved which results in the life of Sajid being made a lot easier.

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2. Personal issues: Sajid uses Microsoft Access to run a. personal telephone diary to store all of his family and friends numbers. If he was using a hand-written diary, then it would easily have got lost and adjustments on the diary would be very hard to make. On access it is easy to edit, and, if backups are made, then the Microsoft Access diary would not get lost. An advantage of the computer diary would be that the diary could be easily stored, without using big books, and it can be edited easily without scribbling out. The diary would not be liable to get lost. The disadvantages are that you would have to have adequate knowledge regarding Microsoft Access to utilize this function. Also, you would have to boot the computer up every time that you wanted to recollect a phone number or address, thus, in emergencies, it is not so reliable, but, still beats the old hand-written diary. In evaluation, the computer based diary is much more superior to the hand-written diary as a lot of time is saved when using the computer based diary and also the computer based diary is much better presented than the hand-written diary.

* Work related: My uncle also uses Microsoft Access to record all of his client’s details, so he can infiltrate reports from the database to show to his boss for proof of work.

3. Social issues: My uncle also uses the Internet to send e-mail to his fianc�e, Saleha. He sends her messages and she sends them back. An advantage of this system is that the message reaches Saleha instantly and vice-versa. Also, you can add many attachments to the e-mail which you cannot do with hand-written letters. Hand-written letters would take long to reach his fianc�e so e-mail is the best option. So in evaluation, e-mail is victorious over handwritten letters as the letters would take long to write and send to Saleha.

* Work related: My uncle also uses e-mail to send messages to his colleagues, as letters would take too long to reach the recipients.

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