The impact of "Hacksaw Ridges" on a group members

This movie is released on 13 January, 2017 and is about three incredible African-American women, Katherine G. Johnson (Taraji P Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) who working as mathematicians and they worked under National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during the Space Race. This movie is set in 1960s Hampton in Virginia. The three women use their mathematical skills to help the United States achieve the most victory over the Russians in space. Even though they fight against the barriers of racial segregation in the Jim Crow south and struggle for professional recognition from their male colleagues.

Nevertheless, this movie has gave us a big impact in our life.

First of all, the impact to the members is not to be racist to other race. Unfortunately, they has differentiate their level between white and black people in this movie. The scene that shows this is when the books in the library and the washroom that is divided into two races which is white and black people.

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At last in the end of the movie, they decided not to be racist to each other after the three incredible women contributed many successful achievement to their country. For an example, Katherine Goble success in calculate the flight trajectories Mary Jackson become the first woman to further her study in engineering course at the Hampton High School where the high school is just for the white people. This scene shows that we must mingle with other students in any course or classes to avoid prejudice.

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It is not implied in the university and school only but also in the public. All human in this world is the same level to the creator.

Besides, brave to defend our rights is the impact to the members. The scene that show braveness is when Katherine is brave enough to borrow the books although the guard in the library deterred her from borrow the books that she want in the white people section. At first, her son rebuked Katherine when he saw the books that she borrowed but Katherine defended herself that she has paid the tax for the books in the library. In her own view, she has the rights to borrow all the books in the library. This scene shows that she is a brave woman and against the racism that happened in that era. As a human being, we must maintain our rights where ever we are but we do not have to occur a fight to defend our rights.

Other than that, the impact to us is understand other people problems. Even though we dislike someone does not mean that we can be disrespectful to them. We must respect others too because they are human like us. For an example, the scene that portray this is when Katherine’s boss reprimands her because she always went to the restroom for 40 minutes. It is irrelevant to go to the toilet that long. Eventually, Katherine has her own reason. She tells him the reason ‘there’s no bathrooms for me here’ and makes him aware that the nearest coloured bathroom at NASA is half a mile away from the office. She felt so angry to her boss and her colleagues because nobody understand her problems. Apparently, there is no restroom for her in the building because she is black. In my opinion, the white people are not supposed to treat black people bad. Otherwise we must show our kindness to other race too so that they will happy and comfort whenever they with us. After she has complaint about her problem, Al Harrison then picks up a crowbar, heads to the bathroom, and smashes the Colored Ladies Room sign. Then, as a crowd of black women look on, he delivers a powerful, funny rejection of Jim Crow segregation: ‘No more colored restrooms. No more white restrooms’. Here at NASA, we all pee the same color.’ It is brilliant and dramatic scene. Clearly, this scene shows that problems could be solved when other people understand it. It gives me the impact that we should defend ourselves if we accused of miscellaneous from people that hate us.

Furthermore, the impact to the members is we have to put an effort to show our love so that we can create a good relationship and live happily with our partner. For an example, the scene where Jim Johnson really show his love to Katherine Goble. He also proposed her at the dining table with the witness of Katherine’s daughters. We must also accept our partner because nobody is perfect in this world and they has been chosen to be our soul mate. The powerful thing about this proposal is that the woman that is proposed to really deserves it. She deserves the love that he wants to give to her, and the way he describes it to her is just everything. Especially inclusion plays a big part in him popping the question, and it is beautiful.

In addition, the impact to the members is put trust on someone that we believe even though others do not believe his or her because of the racism. It is not necessarily to consider the black people is bad but on the other hand, they also help other people and do their work truly with their heart. The scene that shows in the movie is when John Glenn said “Get the girl to check the numbers.” With those seven words, spoken by astronaut John Glenn before he became the first American to the orbit Earth in 1962, Katherine Johnson’s role in history changed. A “human computer” assigned to NASA’s Flight Research Division. Katherine was the African-American, then-44-year-old “girl” who was the subject of the astronaut’s directive. As such, she set about double checking the trajectory calculated by her electronic counterpart: room-size IBM 7090 computers at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. That brief exchange, and the work Katherine did as a result of it, is a pivotal scene in the feature film. It clearly shows that John Glenn believe in Katherine Goble work although she is black. He is not racist to black people although he is a famous astronaut.

Last but not least, the impact that we got is we must strive to be a successful person in the Mary Jackson court scene. The scene give us impact when Mary Jackson is not giving up to achieve her goal although she faces many challenges towards her success. In fact, she defended herself eagerly in the court and explained herself to the judge with all her arguments until the judge impressed with her confidence. ‘I plan on being an engineer at NASA’I have no choice but to be the first.’ These are the famous lines that were confidently uttered in the court scene in the Hidden Figures movie. The traditional stereotype of engineers, especially during the segregation era of the 1950s, was that they were a white, male force. For Mary Jackson, this was certainly a hindrance to becoming an engineer with the gender and race she was inherited with. Because of her courage and intelligent mind, she was one of the engineers that helped America win the space race. Furthermore, she has also significantly contributed to NASA’s Project Mercury. Mary Jackson achievements clearly shows that we must endeavour to achieve our victory in life for our future.

As a conclusion, as a student, we must always foster ourselves with positive vibes to become a virtuous and right-minded person in the future. We learned that intelligence is colourless and genderless. Women and minorities can attain the same sense as a man or the majority. ‘Hidden Figures’ is consider as an essential viewing opportunity for those girls out there especially those of colour. Besides, the power of an earned compliment where the victories come in simple, yet substantial, gestures of shared respect inspire the members to be a humble person. It is an acknowledgement of successful hard work in the form of nods, handshakes, kind words and commendations both written and unwritten are more personal and mean to the world. Therefore, this piece is a good movie because it gives a lot of knowledge and huge impact to the members.


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The impact of "Hacksaw Ridges" on a group members
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