The Impact of Guilt

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The impact of guilt always leads the person with deep scars. Guilt is “a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong, such as causing harm to another person” (Cambridge Dictionaries Online).

Everyone feels guilty of something so as Dunny and Hamlet. They were guilty of their inactions. They both lost someone they love and they were guilty of doing nothing about that. Their guilt mentally disturbed them and left them alone.

Guilt can affect our conscience in a bad way, sometimes it kills us slowly from inside and leaves nothing.

Although Dunny and Hamlet both felt guilty for their inactions and that led them to the feeling of isolation. Their guilt was the main reason for their inappropriate actions. Dunny and Hamlet both were guilty of their inactions and that impacted their lives negatively, they became isolated.

Their guilt of doing nothing left them alone and they both lost their love lives. Everyone is familiar with the feeling of guilt.

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Most of the people feel guilty for their inappropriate actions and some of them feel guilty for the actions they are not responsible for. Dunny and Hamlet felt same for doing the actions they were not responsible for.

Dunny and Hamlet were guilty of their inactions. Dunny and Hamlet felt guilty for their inactions and that mentally isolated them from society. Robertson Davies used many characters to represent the theme of guilt such as Dunny, Boy and Paul, but the most prominent character he used to represent his idea is Dunny.

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Dunny’s guilt was caused when he was young by the snowball incident.

Boy his friend threw the ball towards Dunny and he ducked and that ball hit Mrs. Dempster who was pregnant at that time. Dunny always thinks that it was his mistake that Mrs. Dempster gave birth to her child prematurely. This incident isolated him in his later life. “She didn’t know how much I loved her and how miserable it made me to defy her, but what was I supposed to do”.

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