The Impact of European Imperialism in Africa Essay

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The Impact of European Imperialism in Africa

European Imperialism started in the early 1800’s; with the goal to prove they had wealth and power. European nations competed with each other to gain territory in Africa. The more they gain the more powerful they thought they would become. Africa was soon bled of it’s human resources. The Europeans induced slavery for the beneift of the Muslim countries, from the nineth century to the nineteenth century. The last four centuries of which were regular slave trade to help the Americas and the Christian states of Europe. Approximately twentyeight to thrityseven million slaves were taken from Africa during those ten ccenturies.Due to the rades by Europeans a regular commerse was established. Some of the goods that were exchanged for human slaves included rifles, which were used to defend and expand the European slave trade. Another reason the European nations believed they could gainn power and wealth through africa was its natural resources which could be made int o manufactured goods in Europe.

These manufactured goods could then be turned around and resold in Africa for a great amount of profit. Spread of Imperialism European rule came over Africa like a fire. African chief’s made agreements with some European trading companies that allowed them to pursue trade. Companies alson needed protection; therefore, had the European government take over, making that area now a European nations territory. The European nations sold their protection like a mob in the 1930’s. Tricking many African cheifs binto treaties that they did not understand, not knowing what they would be giving up. From 1860 till the 1880’s mineral discoverieshad a great impact on Southern Africa. Dimonds and gold were the prize in the European eye. Europeans migrates all theough Africa seeking that which could make them wealthier. In their pursuit of greed large gold mining companies were established and took over perhapse the best forigne investment of all time.

Later in the nineteenth century European nations had become unamagably more powerful, and were seeking new markets to purchase raw materials anf to create new markets, to sell their new goods, polictians and financers entered a new phase by tring to build an empire this phase lasted from the 1870’s until the begining of World War One . Resistance Against European Imperialism Originaly Africans tried to oppose the European domination, but even though the Africans were fighting on their own soil their technoligy of spears, and muskets could not with stand the semi-automatic rifle of the Europeans. In London 1900 a Pan-African conference was created, mostly consisting of American or West Indian blacks, that saw the domination of their home land.

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