The Impact of Bullying in Schools and Different Annotated Bibliographies on Bullying

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Bullying is a big problem in the United States. Bullying is a form of violence in schools the causes children or adults suffer mentally and physically. Not only is it a behavior problem, it is peer abuse. Bullying causes students to not be able to focus in school and sometimes stop coming to school altogether. There are several different forms of bullying; these include threats, forced actions, isolation, physical attacks, and name calling. School administrators should oppose bullying rather than focusing on the behavior of the victim (Bisignano).

Children who are bullied need to learn to defend themselves and put up with bullying. Bullying is a part of growing up. Those who are bullied tend to be mentally, physically, or socially different which makes them possible targets for bullying. Victims need to remove the label that says, “I am a target”, to prevent getting bullied. “Bullies generally choose a person perceived to be vulnerable in some way and, often, the victim is ill equipped to deal with the treatment” (Jacobs).

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Bullying often takes place out of the view of adults (Jacobs).

Some victims, however, cannot help some of the labels given to them. Many of the victims of bullying often have physical or mental disabilities. Other victims could be shy, insecure, or behind in growth. Anyone can stop bullying. “Bullying is everywhere” (Bisignano). It does not have to be just in the view of adults to be stopped. Any witness can easily stand up and say something. Even if the victims get rid of the labels given to them, the bullying does not stop.

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Bullies tend to be popular and self confident. Bullies want to seem cool to their peers and try to do so by bullying another peer even if they do not have any labels that would make them a target (Deborah).

School administrators should oppose bullying rather than focusing on the behavior of the victim. The problem is the bully not the victim. Bullies tend to be popular and confident with high self esteem. However, in some cases, bullies can be self destructive and tend to take it out on others. The reason victims are bullied has nothing to do with the label they are given. Bullies want to feel in control; they want to see the effects of the power they have over others. Bullies pick random victims most of the time (Deborah).

Bullying begins at any age and can continue into adulthood. victims can feel humiliated and can be isolated from their peer groups. Bullies can be larger or older that their victims and can bring them down physically and mentally (Geier). Therefore, Bullying will not be stopped educating the victim on how to defend themselves against bullying; we must go straight to the problem (Deborah).

Annotated Bibliography

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This source talks about the survey results of the Iowa Department of Education. Students were asked if they get bullied, if they tell an adult, and what was the gender of the bully. This article also talks about what bullying is and the rate of bullying in the state of Iowa. This source was not very helpful. It based all of its information on the results of the state of Iowa. The information is reliable because it is mainly about the results of surveys. Information could be used in this paper by giving the results to the reader to give them an example of the severity of bullying. Another use of this article in a paper would be the definition of bullying and some of the different types of bullying.

Lee, Deborah, Jill Ginsberg. “Point: School Administrators Should Oppose Bullying Rather than Focusing on the Behavior of the Victim.” Points of View Reference Center.

This source explains the current day bullying problem. It also explains that the problem is the bullying. Instead of educating the victims on standing up for themselves, administrators need to go straight to the problem; the bully. This article is a big help in the paper. The information is reliable. the information would be used in the paper by explaining why going straight to the problem is the best idea. The information would be used to help the reader understand the problem that educating the victim is not going to stop bullying.

Lee, Deborah, Jill Ginsberg. “Bullying in schools: an overview.” Points of view: bullying in schools. 2013. Points of View Reference Center.

This source talks about what bullying is. It also explains all the different types of bullying and the history of bullying. The source talks about how being bullied feels like to the victim and how it affects him. The source is very helpful. The information is more descriptive than the other sources. The information would be used in the paper to help put the reader in the victims shoes. This makes readers feel stronger about the topic.

Jacobs, W.E., Maureen McMahon. “Counterpoint: School Children Should Learn to Defend Themselves Against Bullying.” Points of View: Bullying in Schools, 2013. Points of View Reference Center.

This source talks about how the reason a child gets bullied is because something about them that says they are a target. The source also states that child has to get rid of those labels that would possibly cause them to be bullied. It talks about how children need to be educated on how to react to bullying and tell an adult. The source was not helpful. The article is completely biase. The information in the article would benefit my paper by helping prove why that educating the victim instead of going straight to the problem will not stop bullying.

Pomerance Berl, Rachel. “Putting an End to School Bullying”. U.S. News Digital Weekly. 12/6/2013 Vol. 5 issue 49, p.20-20. 1p.

This source talks about ways that bullying could be stopped. This source also different famous people who support stopping bullying. It also states how to prevent bullying. The source was helpful. It gives many good examples of different foundations to stop bullying. The information could be used by giving support to why it is a good idea to stop bullying and how many people are all for it.

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