The Immorality of Pornography

Access to pornography has been steadily growing in recent years. You can find pornography everywhere – on the Internet, on DVD, and even in magazines at the corner store! The argument over the morality of pornography seems to be an ongoing argument. Porn’s publication, production, distribution and use are often criticized by its opponents as, among other things, exploitive of women.

Those that find pornography acceptable feel that it allows us to exercise our rights to free speech and personal choice.

In order to take a stance, it’s important to identify what exactly is included in the definition of pornography. In this paper, pornography will be defined as materials that contain depictions or descriptions of sexuality designed to produce arousal (Wall, 2003, p. 371). Many may find these depictions to be obscene or offensive. I feel that pornography causes much harm to society and is therefore immoral.

The depictions in porn typically degrade or humiliate women. The degradation can occur through various acts including violence, physical harm or abuse, physical or psychological coercion; or placing women in subordinate roles in their sexual relations with others.

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Pornography portrays violence against women as an acceptable thing, and it portrays women as objects.

It seems to me that pornography not only portrays women as objects but recommends treating them as objects, without the respect due them as a person. If you think about a time when you were treated rudely by another person you may feel as though that person is not treating you with respect.

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It can be agreed that this is considered bad behavior, and there is not much that you can do about it.

Now, when you extend the case to include not only treating you rudely, but recommending that you be treated rudely by others, this is more unacceptable. God created men and women to be together, to be exclusive and to be happy. Sex is supposed to be a wonderful thing between two people in the security of a loving and committed relationship and should not be about violence, abuse, or disrespect.

There have been many sex crimes in the U.S. that have been linked to pornography in one way or another and it has been proposed that because of the various acts of violence and forced sex in pornography, this is a cause of men committing these acts of violence.

Men may come to feel that these acts are acceptable in everyday life. If a man watching pornography sees a woman being forced to perform oral sex at gunpoint, he may perceive this as an acceptable act and then proceed to commit this act of violence himself. According to studies performed by the Meese Commission, “evidence gained from interviewing convicted criminals also lends support to the claim that pornography incites people to sexual violence” (Wall, 2003, p. 392).

Repeatedly watching pornography can lead to warped ideas about love and sex and affect a man’s relationship with a woman. Children that are exposed to porn may mimic behaviors seen just as they mimic other behaviors of adults around them as they are learning and growing.

According to Craig W. Fall, Associate Director for Catholic Social Services, and a licensed marriage and family therapist, the effects of porn create pain, damage, sorrow, broken relationships, unhealthy lifestyles, as well as create major problems with children that are exposed to it (, para 3). Fall speaks of husbands that would rather masturbate to porn than be intimate and have sexual intercourse with their wives. He also speaks of men that claim that they are addicted to porn and it is ruining their life. As you can see, pornography has no benefits and is only harmful to everyone that it touches.

It is very much evident that the widespread availability of pornography is harmful to society in many ways. It presents a false view of human sexuality where people are no more than objects for gratification. It is degrading and humiliating to women. Pornography is not about love or commitment or sacrifice as sexual behavior between two people should be. The effect that it has on violent crimes is also a good indicator of the harmful influence pornography has on society. Pornography is the enemy!


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The Immorality of Pornography

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