The immigration debate Essay

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The immigration debate

Of the immigration debate, I think it is full of sound and fury, signifying that people can generate sound and fury.  Immigrants are blamed for hospital failures, but when the California Attorney General had a blue ribbon panel investigate, the panel found that the hospitals that were filing were small, inefficient, and operating marginally.  Poor management, inability to compete, and the harshness of managed care were bigger problems that immigrants in the emergency room.  The panel barely alluded to this issue, finding any impact slight and almost random.

As far as the migrant taking jobs, American business has been responsible for more job loss than the immigrants.  Companies outsource whole factories.  A part of the trend is the propensity of major corporations to shun their tax responsibility by moving their even headquarters offshore.  As in manufacturing, in agriculture, corporate farms have moved labor intensive crops overseas.  We have fresh strawberries almost year round, from places like Chile.

Employers are now required to “check” every worker’s documents, but many employers put minimal effort into this, while hiring anyone who wants a job.  If we are serious about keeping illegal immigrants out of the workplace, and the country, we could do it.  Every employee an employee must provide the employer with a social security number.  The employer then withholds taxes for that account.  Later, the employee files a tax return.  But illegal aliens do not file taxes.  The rightful holder of the number files.  But a cross check of records would show that the rightful holder of the number was not the person working for the employer.

Currently, an employer can deduct wages paid to any employee, legal or illegal.  What if that deduction is denied for money paid to anyone other than the real holder of a Social Security number?  Congress could adopt a rule that wages paid to a person giving a false Social Security number are not deductible.  At once, employers would have a huge monstrous incentive to verify Social Security numbers, because doing less would cost serious money.  Instead of the laxity of the current system, employers would be certain that employees were legal and would turn away undocumented aliens.  And with employment drying up, many illegal workers would go home.

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