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The Immediate Access Store Essay

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Miss Darling is the president of a girl-scout group called the Green Peacocks. The Green Peacocks was established in 1960 by her grandmother Mrs. Darling. This club was created to teach young girls between the ages of 5 – 16 years the usefulness of friendship, teamwork and training. The club is located in North Finchley. Statement of the problem At the moment, the Green Peacocks are attended poorly because of the insufficient equipment and facilities and advertisement. This is because the leaflets are hand-written which is boring and hard top understand.

Most of the time, people throw the leaflets away because they don’t understand the writing and think it is too boring. This year she wants me to create a leaflet containing the aims, activities, places visited and the awards achieved at the end of each year. Consideration of Alternate Solutions 1. A leaflet could be designed and written up by hand and then photocopied and handed out to people. This leaflet would contain all the necessary information but the problem with this idea is that the information may not be clear and the leaflet will be very unattractive.

2. A word processor could be used to type up the leaflets as well as insert graphics and fancy headings. This solution will be better than using freehand and it will look more professional. This solution is not as good because this computer package is not as flexible as using a desk top publishing package. 3. The best and most important alternative solution is the ICT solution using the chosen package- in this case is the Microsoft publisher. The desktop publisher can be used to type up leaflets and insert graphics and fancy headings.

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After consideration of each method I believe that the MS Publisher is the best option to solve this problem because: 1. The DTP package can provide the user with the ability to insert colour, clipart as well as character and line spacing between the characters which gives the publication a more professional look to it. 2. This package also provides a design wizard to give us an idea on how the publication is meant to look 3. The DTP package is frame based which allows different things to be placed on top of each other.

The DTP package has a lot of fonts and allows the user to pick the one that suits the publication and it also allows the user to resize the fonts as she desires. 5. This package also provides borders to a publication to stand out and look sophisticated. 6. If the user would like to create a newsletter or newspaper, the DTP provides the facility to allow the publication to have a certain number of text boxes. User Requirements The objectives of this publication are as follows: 1. The leaflet must be portable (easy for people to carry around and refer to)

2. The leaflet must be on A4 paper so it can be easily reproduced on a photocopier 3. It must identify the name of the club 4. It must have the aim, activities, places visited, the awards gained at the end of each year and the ages of the girls to attend 5. The leaflet must contain pictures of previous and current Green Peacocks and it must contain the comments made by some of the participants of this club. 6. It must not have any spelling or grammatical error 7. It must have a map for the location of the club 8. The leaflet should have the clubs logo 9.

the leaflet must be folded 10. It should contain the table showing the statistics of the fees. ANALYSE Appropriate Software and Hardware The software required to complete this programme is the Microsoft Publisher which is software that can be used to create the leaflet for the Green Peacocks. I will also need a word processor to type in the information about the club. For the production of this publication, I will need a graphics programme such as the Paint Shop Pro to create a logo for the club and I will also use the graphics programme to manipulate the pictures.

I will also need web browser software to allow me to browse the internet for pictures and information. I will also need scanner software to allow me to scan in any photographs and useful information about the club that I have not mentioned. I will also need digital camera software to scan the pictures I will take of the location, the groups and so on. To work efficiently and produce a professional looking leaflet, I will need some specific hardware such as: * The Central Processing Unit (CPU): This is the part of the computer that controls all the activities of the computer system.

It is also the place where all the data is processed. The CPU I need must have a high specification. The CPU is divided into three (3) main parts: i. The Control Unit: It controls the hardware attached to the system. It monitors the hardware to make sure the commands given to it by the current programme activated. It also controls the input and output of data. It controls the flow of data within the CPU. ii. The Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU): This is where the computer processes data by either manipulating or acting on it.

iii. The Immediate Access Store holds any data programs needed by the computer when they are being used. * The Monitor: The monitor is used to view information. The monitor must be 17 inches. There are two types of monitors: i. Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT are the same as the televisions. They can damage the eyes if stared at for a long time. ii. Liquid Crystal Display is flat screened. They are lighter than the CRT monitors and take up less space. They use less power and emit less heat and they do not flicker

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