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The Iliad Essay Examples

Essay on The Iliad

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Another characteristic of an epic is the setting also known as the hero's adventure across time and space, or to other world. In Paradise Lost the setting has a broad range from Heaven to Hell and Earth. There is also an act of supernatural deeds that required superhuman courage. Satan curiously has the courage for this epic; while fighting the war in heaven and going against God, there must have ...

Parallel Motivations in the Iliad and the Odyssey

And in the very end of Homer’s story, Odysseus used his wisdom to defeat his final enemies, as he was able to maintain his false identity until every threat had been nullified. This is how the Trojan War was won by Odysseus and the Greeks, and how he was able to finally find his way back to his family. Works Cited Homer. The Iliad. trans. Robert Fagles. New York: Penguin, 1990. Finley, M. I. The...

Erotic Love in the Iliad

This book of the Iliad shows erotic love as an undeniable, powerful force responsible for much of the conflict resulting in the rest of the epic poem. This theme of erotic love, capable of dividing friends and starting wars, is not to be confused with other forms of love also portrayed in the Iliad, such as the love between Hector and Andromache, or between King Priam and his people. Erotic love a...

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Use of the Iliad by the Movie Troy

The movie somehow diluted the themes of death, revenge and enslavement during the ancient times of Homer. In Iliad, Agamemnon was killed by his treacherous wife. Then later on, Agamemnon was avenged by his daughters. However, the movie also omitted this. In the movie, they showed that Agamemnon was killed by Briseis during the assault on Troy. In addition to this, in Homer’s Iliad, Achilles was ...

“The Iliad” as Glorification of War

Summing up, it is necessary to mention that Homer’s hero is strong, courage, brave and always ready to fight and to die. Achilles is an ideal of Greek hero for Homer, though the author admits that Achilles compared with Odysseus lacks the power of the cunning being also important for the hero. Of course, Paris is shown as less heroic character, because he refuses to fight preferring to remain wi...

“The Iliad” by Homer

 The Iliad is a powerful statement of what it means to be human in the middle of vast and senseless bloodshed. The Iliad is the first of Western books, and its characters, themes, and structure have provided more than two millennia of subsequent narrative artists with materials for their own poetry and prose. None of them, however, with good reason, has matched the Iliad‘s presentation of the g...

The Shield of Memory: An Analysis of Achilles’ Shield in the Iliad

Along with this anger “he was delighted, holding in his hands the shining gift of the god” (19.17). Such a contrast in terms of the reaction towards the shield may be understood if one considers that, the shield functions as a reminder for the Myrmidon’s of the impeding savagery that will result from the actions of the shield’s bearer. The contrasting reactions of anger and delight, on the...

Role of Greek gods in the Iliad

Therefore, in the Iliad, gods frequently interfere in the war to help their favored side. These gods are different from the Christian idea of a God because Greek gods help their favorite mortals regardless of if it is right or wrong to do so; whereas, the Christian idea goes with the fact that God always favours the right. So, the gods are very significant characters used by Homer to make the plot...

Women Characters in The Iliad

Finally, Aphrodite who is the embodiment of sexual attraction and deep affection originally this was the powerful force of creation. In the patriarchal framework of Greek myth, she is reduced to nothing more than a flirt or a mistress. Despite her youthful appearance, Aphrodite is an ancient mighty deity who is associated with the waters of life due to her birth from sea foam. Yet, more interestin...

Gods' Role in the Iliad

Also, the soldiers who fight today in wars are like the soldiers who spent 10 years of their lives fighting in the Trojan war. They left their families and their lives behind and came to fight, which is what we exactly see today in (for example) the fights between the Palestinians and Israelites. Palestinian soldiers are ready to do everything to get their land back. On the other hand, what is not...

The Concept Of Heroism In The Iliad

To simply put the ending of this book is the theme of war and peace, and the book is essentially an illusion of war. There is a sense of futility built into this chronicle and then pressed against the viciousness. Combined with a small dash to heroism it adds finesse to the fighting. Homer appears both to loathe war as well to glorify it. Similes discuss the peacetime in Greece, as well serve as c...

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