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The Ideal Mother

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Jessica just gave birth to their first child, named Tyler. She knew at that very moment, she wanted to be the best mother that she could. She started thinking back to when she was just a kid and some of the things that her wonderful mother taught her. Even as a child, she knew that her mom dedicated all her time to her family. Jessica, like many mothers, wishes to be the best mother that she can be. An ideal mother is someone that is caring, providing, and understanding.

The first element of an ideal mother is to be caring. Caring involves providing a comforting and safe environment. Jessica liked how she felt when her mother gave her hugs.

Jessica’s mother, Mona, made her feel warm and safe with her hugs. Jessica knew she wanted to make her son feel the same way that she did as a child. Being patient is also another way to show that she cares about her son.

When he was up crying for several hours, she had to be patient and find out what was upsetting her baby boy. Sometimes, he isn’t hungry, wet, or tired; he just wants to be held close to his mom and to be soothed. In addition to a comforting home, it also needs to be safe. To provide a safe home, Jessica and her husband, Brad, baby proofed their home with plastic covers over the electric outlets.

Next, they installed cabinet locks and door knob covers. Then they mounted the television stand and dressers to the wall to prevent being tipped over.

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This may sound over the top with all these childproofing methods, but they felt it was better safe than sorry. Caring consists of many different ways, but the most important ways that Jessica and brad could show they cared about their son, was to be patient and provide a safe home. While caring is an important to being an ideal mother, being a providing mother is another key element.

Supplying the basic necessities is very important to the physical and mental health of a child. The essential components that a child needs include: home, clothes, and food. Jessica and Brad already moved into a two bedroom house. Baby Tyler’s room was painted baby blue. The room was completed with a white colored crib, matching changing table, and a rocking chair. After she had her baby shower, two months prior, Tyler now also has enough clothes to wear for at least five weeks. Jessica and Brad already decided that breastfeeding was the best option. Breastfeeding will boost Tyler’s immune system.

Breastfeeding is also more cost efficient than buying baby formula and it will help Jessica get back into shape faster. Those are just the basic necessities that their baby will need. What babies really want is to be loved. Within the first moments of Tyler being put in her arms, she already loved him with every ounce of her heart. Jessica quickly figured out by wrapping him tightly in his blanket, he instantly felt warm and secure. Tyler felt comfortable when she held him close to her heart. Tyler is unable to see his mom, because his vision is blurry and still developing. He is able to recognize her distinctive voice.

Tyler is instantly soothed when he feels his mother’s warmth and hears her heartbeat. An ideal mother provides for her child with basic necessities and love. Moms know caring and providing is essential to be an ideal mother, but also to be understanding. Understanding means that she will be supportive and trusting. Jessica remembered when she was learning to walk. She would fall and her mother would pick her up, wipe away her tears, and let her try to walk again. When Jessica was learning to drive, her mother would just stand back and be ready to pick her up when she failed.

Jessica’s mom always told her that it is very difficult to watch her kids take their first step, or their second, or third. She knew that they would have to fall on their own to be taught life’s lessons. Even though her mom is now sixty five, she is still trying to pick up her kids when they fall. Jessica really admired how her mom was patient in letting her learn things on her own; but was always there to pick her up, and show her the correct way. Jessica knew that she will always support her son in any decision that he makes as a child or as an adult. Jessica and Brad can be trusted, because they are reliable people.

They want to instill this trait into their son. It is very important to be trusted in this world, by showing that he is reliable and supportive. Jessica has her work cut out for her with the stresses of a first child. Her desires to be an ideal mother are common and a top priority. Given Jessica’s background it should come a little easier for her. With having an ideal mother of her own who passed down the teachings of being caring, providing, and understanding; Jessica should have no issues in instilling those ideal mother characteristics into her son Tyler.

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The Ideal Mother
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