The Idea of Monetary Gain in the Nursing Profession

The medical world has several vital staffing positions, with each position providing a specific purpose. For instance, it is the purpose of the physician to ensure that their patients are aware of their conditions and taken care of. Once more, it is the obligation of the nurses to cover up the gaps of healthcare left by the medical professionals and doctors. In the society of today, “increased access to healthcare and an aging Baby Boomer population have led to high demand for registered nurses.

” Nurses are essentially the backbone of the medical world, with their long hours and heightened sense of care for those that are ill or injured. The demand for nurses in the work place increases each day as the population grows larger. With that being said, “employment for RNs is projected to increase 16 percent through 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That growth coupled with the above-average earning potential makes a registered nursing career sound appealing.

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Of course, the nursing world is one of the most competitive fields of work, yet there is always room for those that can prove their skills and knowledge. The job of the nurse is almost never complete, and this has to do with the diversity of the position itself. Each hospital and medical facility has a specific policy, many of which require nurses to follow strict guidelines and perform unusual tasks. To expand on the previous note, “aside from the standard technical medical duties, nurses must also have a strong blend of soft skills.

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Nurses working in any setting must possess excellent communication, decision-making, teamwork, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.” Outside of bedside manner and rational thinking, nurses are required to go above and beyond the call of duty to be successful in their jobs. Today, there is much debate as to how well nurses work in comparison to how much money these individuals receive. This has caused several skeptical nurses to wonder if monetary gain is the answer to a more productive nursing career.

What Purpose do Nurses Serve?

For as long as the medical world has been established, there has always been an assistant or care provider to aid the primary physician. It has taken several years, yet despite stereotypes nd stigmas, nurses have gained the ability to rise above the challenges that they have faced. “registered nurses (RNS) are not limited to working in hospital settings. RNs can also work in clinics, schools, assisted living facilities, homes, schools and more. They can also specialize in areas such as cardiac care, midwifery, family practice, geriatrics, labor and delivery and emergency nursing.” Nurses have a diverse set of skills that allow them to accomplish the most challenging of medical tasks. In some instances, nurses are trained almost as well as highranking surgeons among other medical physicians. Furthermore, “hospital RNs also administer medication, change dressings and document care in patients’ records.

Hospitals know no business hours, which means these nurses may be expected to work long shifts, including overnight or on weekends and holidays.” In reference to how often nurses work long hours, several of these individuals are experience shift work related sleeping disorders. Issues such as sleep apnea and insomnia are more closely associated with truck drivers and other individuals who are incarcerated or in prison. All this to say, nurses put much of themselves on the line not only to make a living, but to help those who are in need. In other circumstances, “clinic nurses typically care for patients with non-life-threatening injuries, so the work is not as fast-paced. They can also expect to work more predictable shifts during regular business hours.” Now that the full position of the nurse is understood, the other aspects of this career can be examined. These aspects include how much nurses get paid versus how much work is being conducted in the workplace.

A Nurses Salary vs how much they Perform

It is important for nurses to take pride in their work, and by doing so the reward of helping others should provide them with enough happiness. However, just as with many other professions, there is a disparity between how much an individual gets paid and how much work they actually do. As a whole, nurses do not get paid as much as popular opinion believes they should. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the median annual wage for registered nurses was $68,450 in May 2016.” More often than not, nurses work more hours than engineers, construction workers and many of the other professions that require the care of a nurse. Of course, there are other factors that play a major role in how much a nurse gets paid, but still, these factors go against how many nurses feel about their job positions. To reiterate, “nursing job duties include communicating between patients and doctors, caring for patients, administering medicine and supervising nurses’ aides.” In some hospitals there are nurses who feel as if they are receiving the correct amount of money for the work that they put in. This generates the question of how well do these well-paid nurses work in comparison to their underpaid peers.

Do Higher Paid Nurses Work Harder than other Nurses

The following statements are provided by well experienced nurses, many of which have knowledge that expands well beyond their years. These brave individuals have put several sleepless nights into perfecting their craft and establishing themselves as some of the most qualified nurses in their hospitals. One nurse in particular claimed that “some new grads with whom I started were so stressed they couldn’t pass meds without sobbing. I was hired into critical care with about 25 other new grads. We practiced without a license until we passed or failed boards (if you failed, you were an automatic nursing assistant with a reduction in pay until you passed).” Even as recently as a few decades ago, nurses have been required to uphold a strong work ethic. Through the process of trial and error, weaker nursing candidates are exposed while those with the accurate skill level for these positions prevail and prove their worth. When speaking of who should and who should not work in the medical world, “Some people who become nurses talk about having a vocatione, a sacred calling, as do priests or nuns. I certainly did. Yes, practitioners should expect a fair working wage, but that shouldn’t be the sole reason they choose a nursing career.

Very few who go into nursing only for the salary stay in it.” Anyone interested in nursing should keep in mind that there are always exceptions to the principle of working hard for ones pay. Not all nurses have an equivalent work ethic, and not every individual is cut out to perform in the nursing community. Another nurse claims that they “would insist that we all work hard for the money — back then and now. And as American RNs, we are the highest compensated nurses in the world.” Compensation for one’s hard work is not a misunderstood principle, however some nurses do not feel as if they are being paid appropriately Despite this, true professionals are completely in love with their jobs, and this is what separates them from those that only care about the lucrative aspects of their professions. traits allow them to adapt well to basically any medical situation or circumstance. This diversity between individuals widens the talent pool in which nurses dwell and compete against each other. As a result of these talents, “nurses may choose to specialize in specific types of treatments, health conditions, patient populations or body systems, specific job duties can vary amongst specialties.” Happiness can develop from any basic construct of the human condition, meaning that it can be found anywhere. Money can in fact make a person happy, but just as money cannot last forever, neither can the happiness brought on by money. True happiness stems from the relationships that exist between individuals that truly care about one another.

On another note, “advanced practice nurses can work independently and have additional job duties, such as prescribing medications, examining patients and making diagnoses.” Within these widely overlooked tasks are the more important aspects of living in the world. Nurses experience firsthand the issues that plague the world, and they do their absolute best to ease the pain brought on by these issues. Nurses are “nice” in the sense of how they willingly put the feelings of others before their own emotional needs, and this alone may grant a nurse happiness. As far as money goes, nurses deserve to be paid more for their services, but money is not why they are happy with their job positions. To put everything into perspective, “nurses can also have uncommon schedules, working long hours in numerous facilities, based on need as well as their understandings of care types.” The happiness of an individual depends on the individual, making happiness and joy extremely subjective. For some nurses, taking pleasure in assisting those that are less fortunate than themselves is enough of a reward. However, it is undeniable that monetary incentives may very well increase an individual’s willingness to work and do well in their field. Overall, well paid nurses are happy nurses, yet all nurses can find happiness in their positions.



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